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May 27, 2010

​The Show Notes

Interesting numbers
Martin Gardner (1914-2010)
Smile Pinki
Ask George  
     - suction cup? from Jesse in NY
     - donation? from name withheld
     - last album? from Matt Harris
     - memorizing? from Jay P.
     - CD or Vinyl? from Bryan Cass
     - playing vs. listening, national pride and True Stories
        from Brian “No E” Mahony

     - cursing? from MB
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Alabama evangelist Anthony Hopkins from Adam Lessek
Parsec nomination (again!)
Ms.Info at Balticon
New video later this week
Show close


Mentioned in the show

Martin Gardner at the wiki

“Martin Gardner 1914-2010”
by Steven Novella at Neurologica blog

“Martin Gardner: Exposing fads and fallacies”
by Jeff Hecht at CultureLab

“Martin Gardner, Puzzler and Polymath, Dies at 95”
by Douglas Martin at The New York Times

Smile Pinki

“Alabama Evangelist Anthony Hopkins Gets Life For Dead Wife In Freezer”
at Huffington Post

Parsec Awards

Balticon and the Balticon Podcast


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Ms. Information sez: "Looking forward to seeing you all [in the bar] at Balticon!"

over fourteen years ago

Congrats on the million downloads.

Wrt the person seeking penance for giving money to missionaries. I don't think it is necessary at all. They bought a car-wash, and got it. The donation to proselytizing was done by the car-washers in the form of their labour. And keeping them gainfully employed washing cars is keeping them out of trouble. ;-)

over fourteen years ago

Ok, I know I'm a week behind here....actually I'm much farther behind than that, but I just listened to this show today.

Anyway, I absolutely loved the first quote you gave by Martin Gardner, however, in searching for a citation for it, I found it attributed to Oscar Wilde....

I just want to make sure we get it right, because I've never heard it before, and I think it's great and want to know where it actually came from.....

over fourteen years ago

First, thank you so much for saying my name over and over last podcast - I will cherish it always (and not share it with my husband ;)

Second, I work for Lifelock. No comment about that other than it just goes to show it really is all about ME.

over fourteen years ago

The promised video is awesome! It must have been a loooooooooooooot of work. Thank you, Geo!

over fourteen years ago

Love the alternate curse words. I have a suggestion. Instead of "Daphne's Glasses" why not change it to "Velma's Glasses!" Then you have a great Scoobie Doo curse.
I am so going to use "For the love of Scrabble tiles!"

over fourteen years ago

As an Illinois resident who once (shudder) shook the creep's hand, I can't agree more about the profane use of "Blagojevich!"

I know what you mean about playing vs. listening. I'm not a Neil Diamond fan, but I kinda like singing some of his lyrics. Which reminds me of a somewhat tangential anecdote: Years ago a friend introduced me to David Bowie (music, not the man!) by lending me much of his library. When I got to Space Oddity, I didn't know what to make of Wild-Eyed Boy from Freecloud. In discussing it with my friend, I said something like "...and what's with Bowie getting his Neil Diamond on?" He called me a heretic, but I stand by the resemblance. Especially about 3:10 into the song. Which is now stuck in my head.

over fourteen years ago

VINYL? Hells yeah!!! I'd buy 'em all...


over fourteen years ago

I like how the 'Middleman' in comics and on the series is too much of a boyscout to swear (“Profanity cheapens the soul and weakens the mind”). He would say things like, "My Little Pony!", "Son of a monkey's uncle", "Katie bar the door!" or "Ripley's believe it, or not!"

We'll miss you, George. The Hrab stage will be sad and lonely.

See you at Balticon, MsI' !!

over fourteen years ago

Geordi's visor - ha.

over fourteen years ago

What is the name of that music that you used under the list of alternate curses? I've been trying to find that on the interwebs forever it feels like. I've been looking for chances to use it on my own show, and as there are only 9 episodes left I'm running out of them.

over fourteen years ago

Saying "Jesus", "god damn" etc. is a blasphemy, right? For me it's the easiest way to live against the bible.

over fourteen years ago

I thought Veggietales was religiously affiliated, or at least religiously themed.

No E
over fourteen years ago

im so fucking using geordi's visor

Sean P.
over fourteen years ago

In response to 36:25 : The comic's name is Doug Stanhope, and the bit can be found here:

over fourteen years ago

Personally, I say 'bottom', 'darn', 'gosh' or 'blooming' if I need to swear. But then, I teach religious education. But not 'Vegetales'