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Jun 16, 2010

The Show Notes


With special appearances by Phil Plait, Peter Gregson,
Slau, and The Skeptical Shoe Horns.
  1. God is Not Great
  2. Everything Alive Will Die Someday
  3. Ms.Information
  4. Fifty Stories
  5. FAR
  6. Remora
  7. Sviatoslav Lobster
  8. When I Was Your Age
  9. Trebuchet
  10. Atlanta
  11. Death From The Skies
  12. Never Knew
  13. Hai Yookito ‘Ya
  14. Where Have You Been?
  15. One Hypnopompic Jerk
  16. Small Comfort
  17. Happy Birthday Baby
All songs ©2010 Geologic Records/You Call That Music

Trebuchet is available at CD Baby and their
digital distribution partners including iTunes.


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Ms. Information sez: "Enjoy!"

almost twelve years ago

away from my phone and hard copy (ta for signing it when you visited Dublin) so i'm delighted to have this version to fall back into, like the arms of a well loved armchair.

Aerick Duckhugger
over thirteen years ago

Listened to your album last night via the free version you posted, went back to listen to it again today... then I broke down and ordered a physical copy of it. I suppose more proof that artists offering their material for free doesn't discourage people from eventually buying a physical copy. Sometimes it's just the hook that's needed to reel us into a sale, no? Thanks for the music, and Cheers!

Heather Van De Sande
almost fourteen years ago

I have Fifty Stories stuck in my head now - I'm only worried that it's "stickyness" will eventually degrade my love for it. Though Everything Alive Will Die Someday is definately my favorite. Can we get George on the next America's Got Talent? I'd totally pay to see him in Vegas.

Jason Smith
almost fourteen years ago


Finally got a chance to hear it all the way through. Absolutely amazing. In addition to thanking George and Ms. Information, I have to send a "here, here" to the amazing Slau for a wonderfully awesome production and mixing job!

almost fourteen years ago

Totally awesome music.. as always! have back ordered the cd, cant wait to get it! (is small comfort supposed to end so abruptly mid word?)

Nicole D
almost fourteen years ago

downloaded the album off CDBaby on the 16th... haven't commented before now because I've been too busy listening to it on repeat.

I'm loathe to pin down just one favourite but... well.... it's between Fifty Stories, Atlanta, and Death from the Skies.

(I must have heard DftS a few dozen times now, and the Phil Plait contribution still, *still* makes me happy inside. Which is really weird, considering the subject matter. Er.)

Whoa, longest comment ever. Anyway. I adore the album. Thank you George (SO MUCH). Thank you Donna. You guys are seriously the most awesome people on the planet.

Steve Welsh
almost fourteen years ago

Got the CD thanks. Love the envelope artwork as well. will post on FB once I take the photos off of my camera.

dials round

almost fourteen years ago

Like a lawn sprinkler, baby.

almost fourteen years ago

Damn! I wasn't fast enough. Oh well, backorder it is....

almost fourteen years ago

It's backordered now.

almost fourteen years ago

CD in stock now.

almost fourteen years ago

Well done on a great release! Love this album...keep it up!

Joseph K
almost fourteen years ago

Great! Loved many of the versions more than any versions I've heard these past few years (you can put the others on the box set).
Waiting for the physical one, which I'll be buying for the designing.

almost fourteen years ago

For some reason, "Sviatoslav Lobster" is currently my favorite. I keep thinking I oughta prefer "God is Not Great", especially with that astonishing intro, or "Small Comfort", 'cause,'s "Small Comfort" fer cryin' out loud! But...nope. Red plastic crustaceans float my boat, apparently.

J. D. Mack
almost fourteen years ago

Yes, Greg, you did. And I laughed heartily when I heard that just after the use of the word "sun" in the lyric!

J. D.

almost fourteen years ago

Only got to listen to this once via a coworker's iPod (long story - my computer's an old POS, no audio/visual): out of the songs I hadn't heard before - "Death from the Skies", a riot! Loved this! "Atlanta", oh my, you made my heart quake; your voice was perfect, there was a moment where your voice faded into horn (sorry, I have no idea how to get across what I mean in "musical language") that was stunning; just lovely. Looking forward to the physical CD and getting to know these songs better.

almost fourteen years ago

Thank you for this George! definitely going to get the album.

almost fourteen years ago

Awesome Awesome Awesome!

Looks like CDBaby only has the download at the moment. But as soon as the physical CD is available I'm getting it and the 4 other George CD's I don't have.

Wait, did I just hear "Heart of the sunrise" in the middle of Happy Birthday Baby? Coolness.

almost fourteen years ago

Saturday morning, 8:40 AM CST. Woke up humming "It's the great equating factor in the world."

Peter Sosna
almost fourteen years ago

While I'm waiting for the physical CD, (I want that ticket!), I've been having fun cutting the MP3 into separate tracks and adding the tags and album art to each file.

almost fourteen years ago

Thanks for podcasting this! Pure awesomeness. I haven't bought an actual CD in who knows how long, but I'm buying this one when it becomes available.
Thanks again George, you rock!

Josh R.
almost fourteen years ago

I enjoyed the album. When I Was Your Age is going in my "daughter playlist" for car trips.

Ken Larson
almost fourteen years ago

Great Album Geo! I really enjoyed it.

Have you considered doing a deluxe version on iTunes with a PDF of the 20 page booklet? I don't know if it's possible for independent artists yet, but I'd pay extra for something like that.

I'm trying to keep away from physical media (no more room!!) and it would be great way to get the extras.

Perhaps you could sell a PDF on your site...

Thanks again.

almost fourteen years ago

Love, love, love it!! I'm dancing around my apartment. Can't wait to get my hands on the physical CD!

Terry Whelan
almost fourteen years ago

Listening to Skepticallity version right now. This is one cool album.

Also purchased the album on iTunes, looking forward to also getting the physical CD complete with booklet.

almost fourteen years ago

No more waiting! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! Thank you, Geo.

almost fourteen years ago

This will keep me going until the physical release.

David P.
almost fourteen years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Anxiously awaiting the physical release and the sure to be awesome packaging.

almost fourteen years ago

(scratching like a heroin junkie - hrab junkie? - who's gone too long w/o a fix) Looking forward to physical CD!

Peter Sosna
almost fourteen years ago

Yee Haw!!!!

almost fourteen years ago

Marvin, you win the internets.

Geo, you win my money. :)

almost fourteen years ago

I knew it, I start listening and everyone starts talking at me...I should wait till I get home but I can't help it

almost fourteen years ago

Well it's about time.....



almost fourteen years ago

Hm, I think you broke CD Baby.

almost fourteen years ago

Kick ass!

almost fourteen years ago


Can't wait for a physical CD.... it looks so PRETTY! Listening now <3

Sean Harlow
almost fourteen years ago

Listening right now, can't wait for the physical album to become available. FYI it hasn't yet shown up in iTunes.

almost fourteen years ago

I'll be in my bunk.