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Jul 8, 2010

[photo courtesy of Jason Reed]

The Show Notes

4th of July gig
Stan Freberg’s Declaration of Independence
Thanks for coming to the party
Golf w/ pleats
Ask George
     - American Idol? from Andrew Gould
     - Father Daughter Dance? from Chuck Donches
     - Multi-Lingual? from Hubert Muchalski
     - Something/Nothing? from Chris Schoedel
     - Overdressed? from David Testrake
     - Song subjects? from Octavio Valdes
     - Dancing? from Scott Dumont
     - The Hook? from Jason
     - Two & Four? from Åsmund Skjæveland
Golden Ticket still in Play
Have fun at TAM8
My Sister’s blog
Gigs galore
Schedule posted
Show close


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almost nine years ago

No one will probably read this comment - but there's a very nice beginning (about fifteen minutes in) to the 2008 documentary 'It Might Get Loud', where The Edge goes through some of his demo tapes for 'The Streets Have No Name' and illustrates the differences in timing.

Worth catching for that and the discussions between Jack Black, The Edge and Jimmy Page.

over nine years ago

In response to the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?", please see the Lawrence Krauss lecture A Universe From Nothing.
I tried to link it in my comment, but my comment seemed to simply disappear when I clicked submit; I was not even informed whether my comment was held for moderation.

over nine years ago

In response to the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?", please see the Lawrence Krauss lecture A Universe From Nothing.

over nine years ago

A little behind, but I'm catching up.

I thought your answer to something vs nothing was very good, although I might have answered it differently. As with many things, you are correct that language is at the heart of difficulties in communicating complex ideas. I think that is why we developed mathematics.

In this particular question, the thought kept swirling around in my mind "What is the difference between a duck?" Which was stupid, so then I thought, "What difference does it make at all?" It is a fine philosophical question for a Summer evening on the veranda with a lemonade, but how does that influence any aspect of one's life.

To me, it is much like being asked, "What if all we are is a dream?" or "What if the world is just a figment of your imagination?"

Why is there something instead of nothing?

What the fuck does it matter? Are you going to change any aspect of your behavior or goals? Content yourself that, as you perceive the universe, there is something. Move on.

That's why you have a show and I don't. Well, that and the fact that you're damn funny, talented and not nearly as lazy as I am.

Love ya Geo!

over nine years ago

Not sure why but your golf picture makes me think of Bing Crosby ... oh, wait, that's a bad golf reference isn't it? ... a young and alive Bing Crosby ... yeah....

dominic temple
over nine years ago

Missed you at TAM8 Geo, had a great time and while I really enjoyed Roy Zimmerman, it wasn't the same without you.

Peter Sosna
over nine years ago

Just got my copy of Trebuchet...No golden ticket though. I'm amused to discover, just now, that Firefox's spell check does not recognize the word trebuchet. It suggests treachery, treacherous, trencher, and Treblinka.

J. D. Mack
over nine years ago

Ok, I have to say this. I wear polo shirts and khakis (pants or shorts) exclusively on the weekends. - and I'm not ashamed! : )

With that out of the way, let me say, regarding the golf pants, that your friend SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING WHEN HE PICKED YOU UP and not two hours later at the course!

over nine years ago

Hey! Just got my copy of Trebuchet (thanks, CD Baby!). I have bought a few singles prior to this (thanks ITunes) but was shocked to realize that another song on my mp3 player feature George Hrab! It is a tune by Cunninlynguists called Close Your Eyes.

Thanks again George!!!

Lauren Cocilova
over nine years ago

My mother's best friend is French and the father of her children is Welsh, and they spoke both languages at home. The kids spoke both languages fluently but when in a rush would often use words from both languages in one sentence, when they were young. It was funny and since I spoke both languages when growing up, I barely noticed that they had combined the two at once, but it wasn't confusing for the kids as far as I could tell; it was just how they spoke. I agree: if you want kids to KNOW multiple languages, you have to push it a bit and the best time to teach kids languages IS when they are quite young, so all the better. Any language learned early in life will make learning other languages later easier. That’s what my mom says. And clearly, my knowledge of the French language has done nothing to help me express myself linguistically in Amer'can... Sigh.

Oh, and because we can't stand tradition and sap and goo and stupid, our "wedding dance song" was Aerosmith's "Angel." Is that contrived and cliché? I don't know. All's I know is that, turns out, it's a damn long song.

[Captcha: "Danzig had." Danzig had WHAT?!]

over nine years ago

Your comments on manufactured sentimental songs remind me of Jean Giraudoux's famous line, "The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made."

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal covered the "something instead of nothing" question yesterday: -- maybe Zack listens to the show.

Terry Whelan
over nine years ago

The web site is currently featuring Trebuchet on the home page as a 'top seller'. Congratulations Geo on the well deserved success of this CD.

over nine years ago

Wow, this is the first time I'm the first to ask a question and the answer is not started with the words "you dumbass".

As always many thanks for answering my question, it actually gives me a whole new perspective on the songs.