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Jun 13, 2007

The Show Notes:

Rory Calahan's Top 26 Countdown
Birthday Non Sequiturs:

-Age Button
-Treadmill Accuracy
-Bluetooth Ridiculousness
-Geo's Cellphone Wish
-HD-DVD (again)
-Crappy Resolution of TV
Grandma's Entertainment Report
-Jim Carrey
-Jack Black & Judd Apatow
-Ciara, not Clara
Horrible Wedding Requests
-Butterfly Kisses
-Wonderful Tonight
So Where You Calling From? with Uncle Thaddeus
-Tzilkomnyitz, Poland
The Global Peace Index rating for the U.S.
Ask George 
-from Bruce "Icepick" Press
-Jewish Accents
Movie Recommendation
-"Stranger Than Fiction"
-"United 93"
Show Close


And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, something that bugs you about the way people speak, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

And do leave a comment here...

eye glasses
over fifteen years ago

eye glasses
eye wear

julio from NY
over seventeen years ago

wow. that handset is hillarious. Is it for real? I might get one to go with my regular headset 8-B

over seventeen years ago

Great podcast. I so fucking hate the Butterfly Kisses song, too. I used to call it \\\"Pedophile Kisses\\\" because the lyrics creeped the fuck out of me.

Loved the jab at We are the World intro, but did you have to feed Tee Morris\\\'s ego more than it already has been?

over seventeen years ago

Hehe...friends of mine in college used to have to play \\\"Wonderful Tonight\\\" all the time so after a while they would change up the lyrics at the end...

...oh my darling, please put out the cat tonight.

over seventeen years ago

Here\\\'s a nice alternative for the bluetooth headset... It\\\'s a bluetooth headset. A replica of the old bell telephone headset.


I love the Podcast.

From probably the only listener in Slovenia.

Yes we have the Internet. Optical actually....

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago


I LOVE IT. I\\\'m going to have to get one...
Too freakin cool.

Slovenia! Even MORE COOL.

Thanks for listening...


Pam from Cincinnati
over seventeen years ago

George, I\\\'m loving the podcast and look forward to it every week. I have an English language nitpick to offer if you\\\'d like to use it -- \\\"discrete\\\" (separate) vs. \\\"discreet\\\" (keeping things on the downlow). This one drives me insane! (And ever since your rant on \\\"apropo\\\" vs. \\\"appropriate\\\", I\\\'ve begun to notice just how much \\\"apropo\\\" is misused these days. Sad, sad, sad.) Keep up the excellent work and happy belated birthday!

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Good one Pam! Did you know that Frank Zappa used to have a label called \\\"Discreet!\\\" There was the \\\"on the down low\\\" nature of the label, PLUS it was a combination of Disc, and \\\"Reet!\\\" a 50\\\'s expresion meaning cool. I always thought that was purty durn clever. I\\\'ll mention your rant to Minoishe... I\\\'m sure he\\\'ll mention it. Thanks!


Julio from NY
over seventeen years ago

it seems you don\\\'t have an email address here so I\\\'ll leave you a thread on the comments page. Anywho there is an article knocking down Blu-ray discs. I thought you might be interested since you just got an HD Dvd player. You can check it out at:

enjoy :)

P.S. I\'m still rocking my headset. Call me a Lo-bot if you\'d like ;-P~~~~

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Sorry- You\\\'re totally correct. I should have called them by their correct name:


And I call my lamp- Henrietta.


ps- You wouldn\'t happen to know the line resolution of HD-DVD vs standard DVD would you?

Phil Rossi
over seventeen years ago

Just when I think I\'m caught up, you pull this shit. Come on now.

over seventeen years ago

I thought Uncle Thaddeus sounded like the elderly Katharine Hepburn ... oh and Leann sweety did you forget to take your Effexor today? ;)

Julio from NY
over seventeen years ago

Wow so you didn\\\'t like those wedding songs. Don\\\'t be shy, tell us how you really feel.

Julio from NY
over seventeen years ago

Yeah I have a lot to say today LOL. I had a feeling that you were a fan of Billy Crystal. Some of your jewish accents sounded exactly like him. Did you see his show 100 Sundays? I found it hillarious

Leann Mabry
over seventeen years ago


OHHHHHHHHHHHH baby I had no idea!!!
HAPPY 36! thirtysexaaaaaay. :) :P

And yep I am a 2%incline fatassaway.

HOLY HELL BLUETOOTH is fucking geigh.
soooo busy. Yea.


holy crap I love you.

yep don\\\'t get a cramp after watching might drown in the mist....

yea and if you haven\\\'t noticed, I sit here and listen and type the whole time....


I fucking kill stupid Butterfly kisses OMG...I HATE that stupid stupid song....makes
stab sharp pointy things in my eyes

that song is sooooo fucking redneck incest piece of crap.......shit.....
it\\\'s like listening to Twitter. Yes listening to twitting people.



Where are you calling from.....dude....George....I am waiting for you to say \\\"Good news everyone!\\\" (Futurama)



and mild.



Ok I am done being non-sequitor Leann.......
Awesome show
Awesome Geo.

Holy crap.


George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Nice catch L.A.-

I AM doing a crappy Professor for Uncle Thaddeus.

Good ears!



over seventeen years ago

You had me at \\\"Therapeutic Borscht Fountain\\\", HA!

My mother called me Ice once. Once.

(A brief homage to the days when Joe Piscopo
was funny.)

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

\\\"You shouldn\\\'t hang me on a hook Johnny...\\\"

\\\"...Yeah and I\\\'m the POPE.\\\"

\\\"...Hey POPE!\\\"

\\\"Your testicles- AND YOU.\\\"

\\\"Johnny and the Mothers are playing Stomping at the Savoy at the Theater Tonight.\\\"

Cool flick... Thanks for listening, and for the question!


Julio from NY
over seventeen years ago

Screw You George. I\\\'m gonna keep my bluetooth head set and look like the New York ass that I am =0B