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Feb 28, 2007

The show notes:

A conversation
Computer-generated Talking Animals
Alexander: The Final Cut
Letter from Chris
Atheist Godfather
Religious Moron of the Week

- Gregg Dedrick
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Bastards
-Michael Malloy
Another Call from Mortimer
Science Minute
-Single Photon Image
50 words or less
History Chunk:
-Treaty of Berwick, Ingiran War
-Nurhaci & Indiana Jones
-Two Mardis Gras
-Boer War
-Reichstag Fire, Carbon-14, more
Show Close


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Brian Brown
over seventeen years ago

New Britain, formerly Neu Pommern (New Pomerania), is the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea, separated from New Guinea by Dampier Strait, and has Rabaul/Kokopo and Kimbe as its two main towns.

And now you know and knowing is half the battle!

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

NICE! I always dug that one. I think it has to do with PERFECT voice casting. How much WORSE would that have been if it had been a computer animated morphing \\\"mouth\\\" on the crab. Give me manipulated stills ANYTIME.



over seventeen years ago

Just had to let you know I did a review for you at iTunes, Thanks for making me think and laught!
Keep up thr great works and tunes!

raequel aka systris
over seventeen years ago

WOW! i love this podcast...i couldn\\\'t save it for work tomorrow i had to listen tonight, it kept me in stitches for the whole hour. i love your range of voices and impressions. anyhoo, i\\\'ve done a whole segment about you in my next podcast so if you care look out for the triscast episode 24. oh, and you met Chris the fixed kitty! isnt she great?! i hope to catch a show of yours in my neck of Penn\\\'s Woods...take care!


George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

I thought I was doing a FRENCH accent... Wow, I REALLY suck...

Thanks for listening regardless...


over seventeen years ago

You mentioned commercials with talking animals I thought I\\\'d send you a link to one of my fav\\\'s

George Hrab
over seventeen years ago

Yeah but it\'s a start... No?

It\'s like those single molecular machines that don\'t really do squat except spin a wheel or something. No big deal in and of itself but quite an amazing potential.

I dunno- I\'m still impressed with Hot Pockets.


over seventeen years ago

Holy crap, what a great podcast!
Love it! Thanks.