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Dec 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

The Show Notes:

The Geologic Podcast's Christmas Song
Wall Street Christmas gig last Friday
Infant Care Public Service Announcement
Ask George

- Ukrainian vs. Russian  from Mika from Finland
- Jesus Camp  from Jason C.
- News  from Gazer Beam
- Bible Swearing  from Alex
- What Zappa album should I get?
"Convenient" from Coelacanth


Mentioned in the show: Coelacanth at iTunes; Philadelphia Funk Authority; Soccergirl, Incorporated.

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Ms. Information says: The Geologic forum poll will close at the end of the year. Cast your vote in the sidebar or vote here. Thanks so much.

fifteen and a half years ago

mp3 player
mp3 players
mp3 players

sixteen and a half years ago


But are you saying yes to wanting to see the video or yes to me being the only one?


Merry Christmas everyone!

Terminal Block
sixteen and a half years ago

I look forward to more entertaining tales, amusing bits, and intelligent observations in the new year.

sixteen and a half years ago

Another \\\"starter\\\" Zappa album if you don\\\'t want to shell out for all of \\\"You can\\\'t do that...\\\" would be the excellent \\\"The best band you never heard in your life\\\". They were a fantastic line up that toured over here in Europe but self-destructed before making it to the US tour.

sixteen and a half years ago

Happy holidays to you too, Mister Glenn Webber!

sixteen and a half years ago


I\\\'m so glad that I\\\'m not the only one that thinks Santa and the other reindeer are hypocritical bastards for their treatment of Rudolph. That song has disturbed me since my early teens and everyone else I mentioned it to thought I was being overly analytical.

Thanks to the Geologic team for the last year\\\'s podcasts.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year, may it a safe an prosperous one.


Melbourne, Australia

sixteen and a half years ago

Well now, Mizz Infuhmation, I reckon that\\\'s uh risk ah\\\'m a-willin\\\' ta take. Happy Hawlidaze, y\\\'all.

Glenn Webber
sixteen and a half years ago

Dingus! Oh wait, that was \\\"tingus\\\", nevermind. (Damn latin)

Great show as usual Geo. Loved the intro for many reasons, which I\\\'ll get into in an email rather than here. Always enjoy stories about gigs since I have a career that differs greatly from your own, it\\\'s the only way I will ever share in those experiences.

Happy Holidays to you and Ms. Information, as well as SoccerGirl. I look forward to more entertaining tales, amusing bits, and intelligent observations in the new year. Hmmm, what\\\'s latin for \\\"gushing\\\" because I think that\\\'s what I\\\'ve started doing? Later.

sixteen and a half years ago

Another lovely podcast, Geo! I have a few comments this time around...

* Your Christmas Song is great fun to listen to. Who played the guitar part? There were a few lines that really sang out for me.

* I enjoyed the discussion of (ahem) glossolalia and Jesus Camp. I just finished Bart Ehrman\'s Teaching Company lecture about the early church, and I\'m struck by how the apostle Paul was apparently founding little cult communities by telling his followers that god had given them gifts. People liked the idea of having gifts, especially the ones that conferred authority like the ability to prophecy or speak in tongues. And then they\'d go nuts and start competing with each other, so Paul had to write long letters urging folks to cool off embrace an understanding of their gifts that would obviate the need for, well, proof that the gift itself was in operation. Anyway, it\'s amusing to think that today\'s moderate and sophisticated theists who recoil from the Jesus Campers and say \"that\'s not real religion\" are, well, sort of mistaken. Real religion, apparently, is a bait-and-switch affair where you demonstrate god-given gifts, offer them to your followers, and then tell them after the fact that they\'re not really the kind of thing you first demonstrated. Niiice.

So in a way I sympathize with the charismatic fundies -- they\'re disappointed consumers. They\'re basically saying, \"You sold me a direct hotline to god, but all I got was this lousy book. I want my hotline, damn it!\"

* I\'m really, really enjoying the CDs. There\'s so much there I haven\'t assimilated it all yet, and I expect it will take a while, but they\'re a blast. The squirrel thing at the end of Interrobang absolutely cracks me up and makes me want to post a link to this image, which suits the theme:

* Have a great holiday. Thanks for doing that thing you do. Your work has really brightened 2007 for me. Cheers!

sixteen and a half years ago

Does any one else really really REALLY want to see a \\\"We Are The World\\\" type recording video of George as all the characters, with flashes to his mom on the phone (with bling and a hoodie, of course) for that Christmas song....or is that just me?