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Jan 9, 2008

The Show Notes:

Geo's New Year's Resolutions
Holiday recap
A New Christian Product
Minoishe Interroberg's To Make with the Good English

emigrate vs. immigrate- from Antonio
lowercase g- from Ian
reticent vs. reluctant- from Karen
Sorry about the coughing
Religious Moron of the Week
A.C. York- from Phillipa
Greek & Armenian priests- from Jerry
Ask George
Evangelical atheism- from Dave
Raising cool kids- from Josh
2008 Predictions from Rajneesh Ram Dali Balemsa
In-Home Concerts
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Concerts in Your Home- the main page; Concerts in Your Home- Geo's page; Geo's flickr page; Soccergirl, Incorporated.

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Ms. Information says: Please. Do me a favor. Invite the Maestro into your home and get him out of the studio. Thanks so much.

over ten years ago

Tiffany Bracelet
Tiffany rings

Julio from NY
eleven and a half years ago

here here. It looks like you have a new episode up. Geo\\\'s saga continues...

almost eleven years ago

Wow gold

eleven and a half years ago

Wasn\\\'t Patrick Moraz giving private concerts and playing piano in people\\\'s homes there for a while?

Julio from NY
eleven and a half years ago

I refuse to believe Rajneesh Ram Dali Balemsa\\\'s prediction of Pixar actually making an unsuccessful movie. I just cannot happen. I can\\\'t face such a travesty. I will it to never happen!!!

Ms. Information
eleven and a half years ago

Julio- I\'m with you about Pixar. I\'d say there was some hallucinogenic ingredient in Rajneesh\'s curry.

Ms. Information
eleven and a half years ago


You\\\'ll have to live the life of a spider and remain in suspense. The Maestro is out of town for a few days.

Carry on.


eleven and a half years ago

Hey Geo,
Another great gift for kids to stimulate their imaginations is the Dangerous Guide for Boys. This is a great book that\\\'s filled with sooooo much neat stuff like how to fireproof cloth, build a bow and arrow, and build a go-cart. It also has great stories,history, and answers to questions like how a sailboat sails against the wind. Cool stuff. Oh ya, there\\\'s also a Daring Guide for Girls.
take it easy,

eleven and a half years ago

I loved listening to your gift ideas for kids. My best gifts were from my mom. As a young boy, I got a giant college dictionary (which I still have 35 years later), a small microscope, subscriptions to National Geographic, giant maps, and dinosaur flash cards. She also gave me used LPs with dramatic renderings of Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Robinson Crusoe, Tom Sawyer, etc, etc..

I loved those things. I can\\\'t imagine a kid who wouldn\\\'t.

eleven and a half years ago

Well, that\\\'s not actually Mrs. Hrab; George borrowed his special someone\\\'s mom for the event.

Ms. Information
eleven and a half years ago

Au contraire, Richard. That is, in fact, Geo\\\'s Mom, sage conversationalist, rap artist, baker of excellent pies, erstwhile teacher.

Dave H
eleven and a half years ago

Ok, *IF* that is a pair of Geo\\\'s \\\"special friend\\\'s\\\" panties in his jacket pocket being used as a kerchief, that\\\'s a little strange. Only because it\\\'s being displayed so openly and with his Mom standing right next to him. I\\\'m not sure how comfy I\\\'d be taking a pic next to my mom with my wifes panties on display. Now if he was wearing them, that I would respect.

eleven and a half years ago

That\\\'s soooo romantic! At first I thought maybe you were wearing them... That would just be confusing.

Josh might like to listen to the \\\"Parenting in an Emotion-driven World\\\" episode (10/31/07) on Stephen Gibson\\\'s

eleven and a half years ago

That was Hot! Where can I get Dude-Her-Anatomy!!

So, we (of the Eastern European Jew Descent) eat something called Gefilte Fish. Sounds pretty much like the same thing. It\\\'s probably awful in the abstract, but being raised eating it I think it is pretty good. Instead of vinegar we eat it with Horseradish (usually the kind with beets to make it look bloody).

Borscht Rocks! :)

eleven and a half years ago

Ahh geez Deadsquirrel got my guess before I got here. I\\\'m starting to think though the SoccerGirl, although a dear friend of Geo\\\'s, may be a red herring when related to Geo\\\'s \\\'special friend\\\'. There are reasons I\\\'m starting to think this. Anyhow it\\\'s Geo\\\'s secret to keep or tell who this is, and I for one am going to just refer to her as Geo\\\'s \\\'special friend\\\' from now on until told otherwise by the crazy Uki himself.

Piece all

eleven and a half years ago

I\'m thinking the special thing in the photo has got to be the squirrel-skin pocket square. Or the squirrel-skin thong. One or the other.

eleven and a half years ago

Geo, did you donate enough money to Soccor Girl\\\'s Podcast that you got the used panties???? Did you use her used panties as a kerchief? Sick bastard... Good man!

Being a geek-girl from Boston I gotta say Carrie,


I still don\\\'t understand why more geeks like myself don\\\'t enjoy football. It\\\'s played like a big version of Risk, with wonderful stats to keep you busy with, a great story line per team, it\\\'s impossible to know everything about so you never stop learning, and of course, tight asses. Come on, what\\\'s NOT to love.


Ms. Information
eleven and a half years ago

Sick bastard/Good man.


Sounds like we should add your quote to the Maestro\'s promotional materials.

Toby B.
eleven and a half years ago


Another song about squirrels? Please, no! No more songs by, about, or from squirrels. Ditto chipmunks. Lemurs are right out.