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Jan 30, 2008

The Show Notes:

This one's called: Walkin' the Dog
Cocaine Candy
King Crimson pay scale
Geo's Mom reads Jay-Z yrics

- Beach Chair from Kingdom Come
A Republican "census"
Jesus & Morty
Music in the locker room
Mortimer calls again once more again yet once more
Music in the locker room, continued
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
- Daniel Dean Thompson and Issac Lifferth
- Gwen Shamblin  from Ms. Info and Ella in Wales
Show close


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Ms. Information says: For you kids who are familiar with the Flickr page, I will refresh the lot with new images in the coming weeks.

almost fifteen years ago

HP Pavilion laptop battery
key programmer

almost fifteen years ago

Tiffany Bracelet
Tiffany rings

over sixteen years ago

Yessss! I caught up in time for the anniversary show. This required some serious dedication to not doing much of anything that required my full attention, I\\\'ll have you know.

over sixteen years ago

I just saw that Geo is listed as a performer at The Amazing Meeting this year. Maybe everybody else already knows this, but I didn\'t. So, um....

Fuckin\' A!


George Hrab
over sixteen years ago

Hey- That\\\'s even news to ME.

I knew they were considering... but...

COOL. Thanks Marvin


over sixteen years ago

You\'re even \"most requested.\" Hubba hubba.,com_registrationpro/Itemid,33/func,details/did,1/

Peter S
over sixteen years ago

This kills me: There is this guy that I\\\'ve been working with for years and, up until a couple of days ago, I had no idea he was a podcaster. I find out he\\\'s on the Scapecast podcast (

So, I ask him if he\\\'s going to Dragon Con and he says he never misses it. I then ask if he knows George Hrab and he says he does and goes on to tell me what a great guy and how funny he is. His name is Kevin Bachelder and he will be working on the Podcast Track with Derek and Swoopy at this year\\\'s Con.

I\\\'m so fucking jealous, since I can\\\'t go, (My wife doesn\\\'t even let me carry paper money, much less spend it on going to Dragon Con). I guess I\\\'ll never get to say \\\"Vibraphone\\\" except to describe the instument.

Stephenson Kevin
over sixteen years ago

Peter S , sorry to hear that , I\\\'m also a bit jealous of everybody who lives in the usa , I\\\'m from belgium so it\\\'s considerably more difficult for me to ever get to dragoncon , But I\\\'ll try :p:p But I will get the vibrophone message through him lol even if it won\\\'t be face to face

over sixteen years ago

I need to stop listening to the podcast while I\\\'m at the gym. Because then the passerbys see someone enjoying the elliptical machine a little too much. So just know that while I\\\'m panting and sweaty, all I hear is Geo\\\'s voice in my ear. Take that as you like.

raequel aka systris
over sixteen years ago

looked on google for images of the candy...i was confused because i\\\'ve seen IceBreakers liquid and gum pellets, i was thinking is that what the fuss was about, then i finally saw the \\\"Pacs\\\" brand and i was like..that does look like dope...farking idiots! the funny thing is, i have a friend who was a Milton Hershey School alumni and he\\\'d get a kick out of this...what a complete clusterfuck.

**continues to listen**

stephenson kevin
over sixteen years ago

Hey guys ,
I\\\'m a new listener :p haven\\\'t reached show 51 yet but getting pretty close !! just got to say that I love it ! just wanted to say hello to everyone and give my greetings from belgium.

Also , support our Hometown Geologica By visiting this link :

Greetz *vanishes to go and catch up with the rest of the podcast*

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a republican (even if I\\\'m a registered democrat). The fundamendtal republican ideals are the closest of the two parties to that of the founding fathers. Of the remaining candidates, Paul is the closest to those same ideals. So you really think he\\\'s batshit?! I thought he was the most reasonable of ALL the remaining candidates of both parties. Even though, Obama really does evoke stronger sentiments of hope and change to the current system.

over sixteen years ago

No need to apologize for the previous, it was still professionally done and the questions were well directed. Aside from the 48-hour late, you have nothing to be sorry about. Why do you think The Signal went to bimonthly from weekly, they had lives apart from the podcast?

Oh, and I\\\'m also testing the commentary...

over sixteen years ago

Does this mean the RMotW I submitted will be on the anniversary show? Sweet!

over sixteen years ago

Ann-versary? Techly, it should have been last week, or the week after next. The podcast was first aired on 22-Jan, and the official start was 14-Feb. You choose... Oh, yeah, and #53 will be the start of year 2.

over sixteen years ago

That Republican survey sounds like something a Scientologist would ask...

\"Have you stopped getting drunk and beating your wife?\"

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Jesus: \"I become the Prince of the Universe; I sit on the right hand of God\"
Morty: \"Yeah, I bet you do.\"

It\'s the sotto voce moments that make me fear I\'ll laugh out loud when Geo\'s mic is live.


Stupid Reality
over sixteen years ago

Jesus: This is my gig - to help everyone get rid of the sins they are all born with
Morty: Right.
Jesus: You know, from Adam and Eve
Morty: Mmmhmm. Sure. I thought you were big on the whole free will thing?
Jesus: Oh I am! It\\\'s all about free will.
Morty: Sure, especially the stuff you have no control over - like say, being born.


That was the sound my nose made while I tried not to spit coffee on my keyboard at work.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago


I\'m posting these videos in two different threads. This one is less relevant a thread but more current:

You might be interested in two YouTube sites we have:
Geologic Records:
Philadelphia Funk Authority:

At Geologic Records you can see performances at the 2006 Ice House show with the 10-piece Geologic Orchestra:
\"Blind\" a Talking Heads cover:


Ms. Info

ps Apparently, LibSyn was allergic to my code in the comments section, therefore the naked site addresses.

over sixteen years ago

oh my...i\\\'m listening to the new episode as i type this, and i\\\'m wondering. Is Jesus gay or southern?

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


Yes he is.


over sixteen years ago

\"You don\'t know my people.\"