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Feb 6, 2008

The One-Year Anniversary Show!

Show Notes:

The Orson Chair
Year recap
Ugly Auction Dress
Ask George  

- god logic  from Marcus in Sweden
- packaging  from Dan on MySpace
- drums  from Mat in England
- organized skepticism  from Alasdair
- Who Dogs the Whatzis  from Carrie P.
Mat's Package from Fortnum & Mason
Religious Moron of the Week
A Guy from Idaho  from Dubshack
Norma Giannani & Archbishop Timothy Dolan
Soccergirl Stops By
Amazing Meeting?!
Show close


Mentioned in the show Slau's site; Ms. Information's blog; Soccergirl Incorporated; The Amazing Meeting and Geo's amazing show listing.

Score more data from the Geologic Universe! Get George's music at CD Baby and iTunes, and Non-Coloring Book at Lulu, both as download and print editions.

Have a comment on the show, a topic for Minoishe Interroberg, or a question for Ask George? Drop George a line and now you can write to Geo's Mom, too!

Ms. Information says: Happy Anniversary, Maestro- and thanks to everyone who has been a part of this past year.

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almost eleven years ago

Happy Anniversary, favourite podcast of mine (yes, I\\\'m a bit behind in listening... blame my newly born son).

When you have a cold, your voice becomes absolutely deep and sexy... and it makes Louis Armstrong\\\'s voice sound like chalk on a school board in comparison.

I first found out about George Hrab from the fantastic interview on Skepticality. And while I have stopped listening to that podcast (for various reasons, not important here), I was hooked (or \\\"hrabbed\\\"?). I have not regretted it yet.

Bruno from Belgium (hey, I\\\'m not the only listener from Europe!)

over eleven years ago

I know this is late but my iPod has been in the evil clutches of Best Buy. (glad I bought that extended warranty) So, I\\\'ve had a heck of a time catching up on the shows.

One year! Really spectacular! Good for you! I wish you continued success and many, many more years of podcasting because if you ever quit what will I listen to then?

Keep on Truckin\\\'

Dave Jackson
over eleven years ago

Wow time flies!. I love the sick voice.


Dave Jackson

Dwight from Ottawa
over eleven years ago

Well done Geo!
Thanks for making my Thursday morning so much fun I get hot coffee coming out my nose!
keep em coming!
And to think I first heard of this strange dude called George Hrab when Derick and Swopppy introduced me to this cool cat on Skeptality!
Thanks for a great year Geo!

over eleven years ago

Oh, I stand corrected. TAL has been rerunning previous eps for a bit now, their latest being casted was #326, but they casted #347 in mid-January. #326 was actually produced in mid-February 2007, so you can see how often they rerun previous eps. Like yours, each ep is of merit autonomously. And, I look forward to downloading 52.1. ;-D

over eleven years ago

Emily R = Soccergirl\\\'s real name?!? I didn\\\'t think she had one! If that\\\'s not it, I must know! Completely random curiosity, but she must have a true nomenclature!

(Happy anniversary, Geologic! U PWN!)

over eleven years ago

You know everyone here is always like \\\"Geo you\\\'re so great\\\", \\\"Geo your a frickin genius\\\", blah blah blah. I just want to be the first one to say CarrieP you\\\'re da bomb!

And congrats Ms. Information for putting up with Geo for 52 episodes. You\\\'re the greatest. He\\\'s good and all but we all know who the real talent behind this show is. ;)

George Hrab
over eleven years ago


You have NO idea how explosive Carrie actually is. To call her Da Bomb is an insult to thermo-nuclear weaponry.

She\\\'s beyond cool...

And as for Ms.Info... well...


She IS the real talent behind the pate.

Thanks ladies- and thanks to Thixen for shoutin\\\' out.


over eleven years ago

Hey Geo- Check your urban legend info re Disney:

And thanks for a great year! Hope you\\\'ll be at it for as long as you\\\'re having fun!

over eleven years ago

I was hoping to hear the religious moron I\\\'d submitted, but that\\\'s cool. I\\\'ve been involved in the podcasting community long enough not to take things personally.

It still would\\\'ve been cool to hear your reaction to the China banning reincarnation thing though.

over eleven years ago

Mmm. Cold pork pie. Especially with a boiled egg in the middle. Us Brits know how to live.

Spotted dick, anyone?

over eleven years ago

Curse being a day behind on all my shows!

Still, despite not hearing it yet, I feel confidant in saying way to go, George!


over eleven years ago

Bravo! Congratulations on your first year, your professionalism, your wit, your erudition, your musicality, and especially congratulations for the fact that when you get a cold your voice goes deeper instead of sounding like Alvin the Chipmunk. Well done, sir!

PS - I love the contrast between the on-air Soccergirl-Geo lovefest and the \"off\"-air admonitions. Well, maybe \"love\" isn\'t the term. I\'m *impressed* by the degree to which this contrast yanks my emotions, even while making me laugh. Just shows I\'m big, big slut for happy endings, I guess.

over eleven years ago

Bravolingus on the first anniversary, even if it is a TAD early based on the true start date...14-Feb-2007 with \\\"Bodies, The Exhibit\\\".

As for being the newbie, there are some that put most of the current spate of casters in your camp. TAL, ThisLife.ORG, is producing episode 326 this weekend, and there were quite a few replays thoughout the broadcast. Of course, Ira and Co. got their start on NPR, BEFORE podcasts were on the air, and they got on the casting circuit as soon as it was. Their archives begin Nov 1995. They also have Video now. Maybe you will grow into that media, given is still a monumental achievement, a year of regular quality podcasts behind you.

Keep flyin\\\' and doin\\\' good works!