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May 15, 2008

The Show Notes:


A brief essay on the duality of man.
... or at least one man in particular.



Referenced in the show: Geo at Balticon, the inside front cover of Skeptic magazine.

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over sixteen years ago

Another great episode. I\\\'m looking forward to the regular format tho...I need my fix.


over sixteen years ago

This was my favorite Geologic Podcast ever. The story about the beach had me smiling the whole time.

Danny Schade
over sixteen years ago

George, may I suggest a getaway weekend in Boulder, Colorado? I love your podcast and everything you do, but I know your first priority needs to be yourself and your own well being. The offer will always be out there, you can stay at my place. We\\\'ll jam.
Danny Schade

over sixteen years ago

So much going on in there, I think I might have to listen again. I hope it was cathartic, if that\\\'s what you needed.

So disappointed not to be going to TAM 6, especially now. Silly wife had her heart set on Costa Rica. :) Oh, well, next year for sure.

If the books of the bible were actually written by people who knew Jesus, not only is there the question of why they waited so long, but why is there no 1st person narrative stories? \\\"Jesus and I were walking one day...\\\" \\\"Jesus said to me....\\\" \\\"We all thought he was meshugeneh, but...\\\"

over sixteen years ago

Geo--that was...surreal. And sublime. And hilarious and painful and insightful and hell I don\'t know.

I do find it interesting how you guard your privacy. Most folks would say \"that\'s none of your business\" or simply not talk about certain things to people they don\'t know. You seem to operate with a sort of verbal steganography: spinning together your story in such a way that your audience gets a lot of the truth (salted with a little BS and exaggeration. As you said, who doesn\'t?) but crafted so that key parts are hidden between the lines. Obviously it\'s not any of our business what\'s really going on with you and Soccergirl. I\'d pretty much come to the conclusion after listening to a few of her shows that you two were either in an Eleyan poly relationship (not all that likely, but possible) or mugging for ratings (Occam\'s Razor points here). This show makes me wonder just precisely what the heck is really going on. Just know you\'ve got friends out here, even if we\'re total strangers. I\'m sure any one of us would be glad to buy you a homeopathic vodka rocks to go with your homeopathic Cuervo.

On your dog: you spent 8 years living closely with a creature with whom you shared essentially unconditional affection. (Don\'t tell me otherwise, I just finished the book and nearly cried.) That\'s going to hurt no matter how much \"pre-mourning\" you do when the death is expected. Tack on even a little distance, physical or emotional, and that feeling can change. It\'s not a bad thing, really, just different, so don\'t beat yourself up for crying more for Oscar than your grandparents.

Sorry for the long post. Guess I get philosophical in the middle of the night. Take care.

over sixteen years ago

PS. As for programming my ethereal TV, I\'d have to get back to you after watching all 10 seasons of Firefly. (Sorry, had to.)

Mari from Michigan
over sixteen years ago

Thank you, Geo - that was soothing and refreshing and I love the sound of your voice. :)

over sixteen years ago

Thank you so much for this podcast!! I totally at the same place you are, with the person I love being in \\\"a world of gray\\\". Thanks for articulating my own feelings.

Hoping things go well for you....

over sixteen years ago

Glad I\\\'m not the only one watching Firefly in Heaven. This episode was made of awesome, Geo.

over sixteen years ago

Wow, that should\\\'ve been really pretentious, yet it was entertaining and profound instead...
This might just be the best one so far.

over sixteen years ago

This is the reason George lives, I believe. To bring out the good and hard truths we all think or feel ans say them. George speaks where many of us are quiet. Yeah, fanciful, but no doubt what Geo represents for us. Sounds like he\\\'s going through some, not necessarily bad (or maybe it is)but deep introspective thinking.
Excellent episode! It made me think as well.

Ted H.
over sixteen years ago

You really got me with that part about the girl and leaving out the part about already having a boyfriend. Total college flashback.

Ditto on having the people you can connect with like no time has past. I feel lucky to have friends like that. No matter how long we go without speaking, we pick up right away.

over sixteen years ago

When I got home and read the notes for this episode, I knew I had to give it the full attention it deserves and not miss the occasional word due to my noisy plotters at work.

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

At the end while you were talking about skipping stones at the beach, all I could think of was the Peanuts cartoon where Linus tells Charlie Brown something along the lines of \\\"that stone took thousands of years to get there, and you set it back in an instant\\\". That\\\'s something that has always stuck with me.

Too cool, man, too cool.

Brent Weichsel
over sixteen years ago

Amazing episode thank you for sharing your life with us.