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May 29, 2008

The Show Notes

PLEASE don’t send me ripped albums
Important June Dates
Tales From Balticon I

- Don't Be That Guy panel
The IcePicks are really cool
Interesting Fauna
- Platypus  from Danielle Claudio
My friend bought a plane.
Tales from Balticon II
- Belly Dancers
Religious Moron of the Week
- Hulk Hogan (and family)  from Mr. Kaplan
- Hulkster in Heaven
Tales from Balticon III
- Soccergirl's Live Show
At the Movies with Joe & Geo
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [SPOILERS]
Godfrey Daniels Reminder
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Balticon; Geo's upcoming gigs; Soccergirl Incorporated; and the photos from the Geologic Podcast at Balticon 42.

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Ms. Information says: Thanks to everyone to who stopped by the Maestro's events at Balticon and a special shout-out to all the wonderful people I met at the conference.

Chris M
over sixteen years ago

OK. Hulkster in Heaven is worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Joanne dear- Good gosh- no, please don\'t assume the mantle of lurkdom because of that. All thoughts are welcome; no pain caused; and if you\'re a regular listener to the Maestro\'s cast, I\'d wager you have brain enough for two people.

Ms. Info

over sixteen years ago

@ CarrieP

Whats not to love, your link goes to Garlic is love... and garlic is the food of love (well in my book anyway!)


over sixteen years ago

@ CarrieP

Yah I can come as a bit of idiot sometimes, I blame it on a hard life and being stupid myself. All I really want to get over is everyone please indulge in a little of critical thinking here, all things considered, the simplest solutions the best. ;-)

Complex love triangle Or piece of damn good entertainment?

No doubt the truth with come out.

I love you Carrie. ;-)

over sixteen years ago

Don\\\'t put your shit out for everybody to see, and then claim it was all a joke just to get a reaction from your listeners.

If this turns out to be some kind of MyBook FaceSpace internet famewhoring, I will never listen to Geo again.

Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago


Having known him for over ten years, I can say with assurance the Maestro does not attempt to \"get a reaction\" from his listeners. He simply does what he does, free and clear of commentary and popular opinion.

Also, if \"famewhoring\" factored into his modus operandi, I should think he\'d be in a decidedly different position.

I can understand your sentiment and thank you for expressing it.

Ms. Info

over sixteen years ago

CarrieP -You can\'t fake pain like that.

Yes you can, I hear it all the bloody time from my girlfriends mother.

And yes I have listened to SG283, which is the only time it comes up in SG podcasts and it happens just after a known meeting between the two of them. It could be true, but from my point of view, most peoples world does not work that way. If I even thought Sarah was with someone else, I would have to walk a way from the relationship. I still very doubtful.


Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Julio- Allow me to clear this up: polygamy is the practice of having multiple spouses, as in, being married.

over sixteen years ago

George and SG together, I call Shenanigans. He fooled us over the drinking, lets not take for granted that he and SG sat down in bar over a coke and worked the whole thing out.

over sixteen years ago\'s *possible* to fake pain like that. But on reflection I think that this kind of heartache is, on the whole, far more plausible in general than the idea of a person throwing away decades of treasured sobriety on a cheap, nasty bottle of tequila just for a lark.

Star-crossed love and a broken heart happens to everybody.

If it is fake, then Oscars all around, and I raise my dramatic filters just a little bit more. But I don\'t feel like I\'m looking at people crying wolf one too many times.

This discussion does highlight one of the risks of podcasting or blogging about one\'s life, though, and putting that part side-by-side with fictional characters and scenarios. Should the listeners assume they can tell the difference between reality and fiction? Should we allow ourselves to feel like we somehow know the people involved -- soooo tempting? Or should we treat the voices in their aspects as personas only, assuming that we don\'t know what\'s going on and therefore must treat everything as though it were staged, like a play?

For comparison\'s sake, think about the birth of theater, when all theater was \"community theater,\" where everyone knows everybody else, the actors are nodding acquaintances and maybe the playwright is your uncle\'s drinking buddy. And maybe the experiences being portrayed are community experiences, things that have affected everybody you know within living memory. You can have a good idea of how much a performance is indebted to the experience of the living human being behind the mask because reputations are so transparent and the community is so small.

Wouldn\'t the distinction between person and persona become blurred there, too, and perhaps maintained only by conventions and rules of courtesy rather than any real doubt about what the actor or playwright means by this word or that action?

Living with that ambiguity and watching people turn life into art -- whether a song or a poem or a confession -- is a privilege, even if you can\'t always be sure where

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago


You might just want to subscribe to gmail that way you can use google reader and subscribe to the podcast through there. That way you can listen to your podcasts and no questionable images will pop up on your screen :)

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

wow i\\\'m at 30:05 in and I can\\\'t stop laughing. I\\\'m surprised Geo forgot to mention that, besides vanity, sleeping with your daughter\\\'s ex-best friend and commiting adultery should also be bad enough to keep him out of heaven. Especially since he doesn\\\'t feel the least bit repentful for it. Oh yeah, and he\\\'s the reason his son was driving drunk. They had some bbq cook out thing and he was giving Nick beers to enjoy the day.

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

Regarding SG... I definitely give her props to being a talented writer and freestyler; however, saying that, I just don\\\'t find her show all that entertaining. Or at least consistently entertaining that I can listen to it on a regular basis (the way I listen to say the Geologic podcast). Saying that, I was curious enough to listen to her latest episode and I was stunned. She actually said something about this whole broohaha between her and Geo (and all this time I thought it was just a gimmick; albeit one that tormented me week to week for 9 months?!). Who knew she also loved Geo.

Man Geo, I feel for you.

So when you both go to the Galapagos to that whole skeptic cruise, is it now gonna be awkward? (there I go again falling for Lucy and her football. Doh!!)

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

@carriep -glad i could be of some service :)

@joanne -i dunno if you caught my comment posted on the previous episode, but SG and Ryan are in a polygamous relationship. Have been from the start. If you have seen any of my comments from these past 9 months you would know that I was suspicious of this relationship from the start (especially b/c, like carriep stated, only Geo was doing all the adulation). Geo was very adept at playing cat and mouse with his implications and word play and when I said I wasn\\\'t going to follow this little drama he reeled me back in. Anywho, the missing link to the plausibility was the fact that SG is a polygamist. I kept thinking there was no way that she would cheat on Ryan b/c of how they are with each other but once that \\\"p\\\" factor was disclosed to me about a week and a half ago it all made sense.

I can see where you would be suspicous about this but I definitely (after reassessing my memories of past episodes), think the sentiments between geo and sg are genuine. She really sounded tired and sad. She would have to be a damn great actress to pull those kind of crocodile tears.

over sixteen years ago

Wow. Just listened to the SG podcast after this one and...Wow. So I guess I don\'t have to forcibly insert dramatic distance between the innuendo and the conclusions anymore?

It\'s an odd thing...thanks to blogs and podcasts there\'s a sense in which the Internet becomes permanent high school -- if one ever needs to escape, there\'s nowhere to run. And then there\'s the fact that unless one is really careful, everybody will know everybody\'s business.

To one deeply dependent on the habit of being selfish and private with his emotions, that\'s a scary prospect. When friends, acquaintances, and favorite \'Net personalities air their private lives -- especially the complexities of open or poly relationships -- in public, there\'s a part of my brain that wants to cover my hears and sing LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN\'T HEAR YOU.

But then there\'s the other part of by brain, fueled by a mix of guilty prurience and shameless hope, that thinks (with a complete lack of irony), \"O brave new world, that has such people in it.\"

Which of course is why I loved Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- I always knew Indy and Marion were meant for each other, even if it took almost 30 years for them to figure it out.

(Hmm, is that funny, or is it just cruel? Let\'s try again.)

Anyway..... Geo, SG: listening to both your recent podcasts makes my heart ache for you. It makes me more grateful for what (or rather, who) I have, and I\'m grateful to you for allowing me to see a bit of your souls.

Now please go hurry up and turn it all into funky, mind-blowing art so I can buy your next CD.

(Ok, that\'s just plain cruel...but true.)

julio from ny
over sixteen years ago

@ms. information

Yeah I know i misued the word I was just, ironically, trying to use the least amount of words to get my point across. Basically she is in an open relationship.

Ian From BC
over sixteen years ago

Hey Geo, you gonna see Rush this tour? I saw them last night and was blown away!

Ian From BC
over sixteen years ago

ya i love how Neil Peart is a skeptic

over sixteen years ago

George, I have to ask the question? How in FSM\\\'s name did you get poison Ivy on your face?

Reggie (is not my real name)
over sixteen years ago

Hey, George, thanks for the Religious Moron love.

Fun show as usual, man.

That\\\'s all I got.


Ms. Information
over sixteen years ago

Icepick- I\'m blushing! It was wonderful to meet you and the missus and the little icechips. You are indeed the coolest.

Ted H- Oh my dear dude- don\'t worry one dot! Conferences can be crazy. I can\'t even imagine what D*Con is like.

Ms. Info

over sixteen years ago

As a belly dancer, I\'m whole-heartedly agreeing with you that only two belly dancers should NOT have danced for 16 minutes. 2-3 minutes max per dancer. And I\'ve seen equally talented belly dancers with no belly and big bellies.

Now, Orion dancing slave girls? That I would watch for 16 minutes.

over sixteen years ago

PZ Myers has a good post about the platypus genome at Pharyngula. Be sure to look it over!

As for the creationist response, that is, as always, \\\"Magic Man done it!\\\"

over sixteen years ago

I haven\\\'t even listened to the finished show, yet, but the show notes have caused a full blown hero-worshipping geekasm.

A couple things I\\\'d like to drop in the forum.
1) Geo is incredibly gracious in person. A real treat to spend time with him.
2) It is not hyperbole when Geo refers to her \\\"lovely Ms. Information\\\". HOT-TIE! :)

Ted H.
over sixteen years ago

George, it was nice meeting you at Balticon. I wish I would have had more time to talk to you, but maybe at DragonCon I\\\'ll get a chance.

Ms. Info, I wasn\\\'t paying attention and I bumped into you in the hallway, and just kind of walked off without saying anything, so I\\\'d like to just give a belated \\\'Sorry.\\\'

over sixteen years ago

* Listens to Geos and SG lastest podcasts *

Oh shit...

Sorry, George and Annika

Big mouth, small brain.

I will go back to lurkerdom and stay there from now on.

Sorry for any pain caused...

over sixteen years ago

Wow...Geo...the Soccergirl podcast that I listened to this morning was amazing. I don\\\'t know what I would do in your place, man...I would be tempted to stand back and let her make the decision, however...if this is \\\"the one\\\" then you have to fight for it. Good luck with that.