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Mar 28, 2007

The show notes:
Bear Gryls vs. Les Stroud
Grandma's Entertainment Report

- Gerard Butler
- Don Cheadle
- Katherine Heigl
Skiing Moguls
HBO Shoe
Lou Reed's Transformer
Religious Moron of the Week
- Kiai Master Ryuken
Infidel Guy Complains
Joe's Cancer
Leann's Gift
The History Chunk
- Juan Ponce de Leon
- Friggin' Frigates
- Andrew Jackson
- "International" Rugby
- Good Friday Earthquake
- more . . .
Gig at Godfrey's


Mentioned in the show: Kiai Master Ryuken's Mixed Martial Arts challenge, Michael and Evo's updates on Joe Murphy, Leann at Tag in the Seam, the Tee Morris site I promised you, and Godfrey Daniels.

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almost seventeen years ago

greetings, George! i was just listening back to some of your older podcasts, and i come across this show. and you reminded me, if you like Les Stroud on survivorman, you really should check out Going Tribal. another British guy, Bruce Parry...definitely something to see and get drawn into............peace...stan

almost seventeen years ago

oh yeah! i forgot! here\\\'s the link for Going Trbal.

almost seventeen years ago

Znamenyto znova!!! Skiing moguls ROCKS!!!!(That\\\'s especially appropriate for skiing in the east, if you think about it[skiing moguls or skiing rocks???)

almost seventeen years ago

Hey, George, Good episode so far (Still listening to it), and I hope that ranting commenter from last week pays attention to the lesson the half-paralyzed girl learned about lighting candles and not monitoring them.

Oh, and I find the name Ryuken hilarious, since the two main characters of the \\\"Street Fighter\\\" series of video games are \\\"Ryu\\\" and \\\"Ken\\\". I\\\'ll catch that video soon.

I also wanted to agree with you on the \\\"Infidel Guy\\\" interview. I think I skipped on listening to the rest of that episode after about 7 minutes. I mean, I have a maximum of 31 listeners (including myself) according to my stats, and I don\\\'t complain. Hell, I think it\\\'s great!

Keep up the good work.

almost seventeen years ago

ok, so I\'m finally catching up.

I cracked up with your impressions of skiing on the East Coast vs. the Rockies. Mostly because I spent my formative years skiing in the Mtns of NC. I\\\\\\\'ve gone out West once. Holy crap! It was so quiet, I could barely hear my OWN skis.

almost seventeen years ago

Just finished listening to the newest show (all caught up now) and I wish I would have found this podcast when you started. These are rather entertaining (as I could say the same about your music, which I also have finally finished getting all of through iTunes). This was another good show and that link to the Mixed Martial artists thing is a RIOT!!! Good control over your Ki is no match for a freakin\\\' boot to the head.

Leann Mabry
almost seventeen years ago

Ok, you just made my pressure washing the driveway a helluva lot more entertaining! (Yes this has turned into a week long project...did you know mold grows on driveways?)

I want to be sure you know that I did the Teller thing, and Phil Plait had a hand in the Penn message. :D
So it was a joint magicically delicious thing :)

LOVE the show!
You cracka me up!!!