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Jun 27, 2008

The Show Notes

Brent's Podcast Interview
I had the strangest dream…
TAM 6 stuff
Geo’s kid lecture
More TAM 6 stuff
Mortimer calls in again-again once more again.
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

-  from Alec Zirke, Brianm Mahoney, Nathaniel Olsen, & Steve Wright
- Kieffe & Sons Ford  from Jared Congiardo
- Proselytizing Marine  from Jerry Hedden
- The Holy Land Experience  from Stu Campbel
Thanks and more thanks
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: JREF; Matthew Chapman; Allie Dvorin; Adam Savage; Banachek; Neil DeGrasse Tyson; Ben Goldacre; Phil Plait; P.Z. Myers; Penn & Teller; Prof. Richard Wiseman; TAM6 details and Geo's listing; Soccergirl, Incorporated; The Underdevelopment Podcast and Perspective 27; You've Been Left Behind; The Holy Land Experience; Jeff Wagg; and The Reason Driven Podcast.

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Ms. Information says: Visit the Maestro's flickr site as we add more images from TAM6. Here's an official memento from I, Skeptic, TAM6.

Brianm Mahony
over sixteen years ago

i actually found that on swoopy\\\'s Facebook page


over sixteen years ago

Whoops. I iz uh ideeeot...

Brian H.
over sixteen years ago

I\\\'ve only been in South Carolina for a month but I\\\'ve heard a commercial for a local car dealership that is an almost word-for-word copy of the one you quoted for Kieffe $ Sons Ford. Those commercials have made me almost tempted to go down to the dealership just to try and see if they\\\'ll debate me.

over sixteen years ago

The anti-evolutionists are at it again:

over sixteen years ago


It was so cool to meet you at TAM! I wish I\'d been less star-struck by all the luminaries there... I got such a case of the shakes every time I recognized someone that I could hardly form coherent sentences much less express my admiration and respect for their (and your) accomplishments. Meeting Soccergirl in person (you introduced her to us while waiting at the elevators) I can understand your attraction and the two of you looked very cozy together. And you\'re both such snappy dressers! Good luck with wherever that goes. Everybody deserves those moments.

Hope to see you next year at TAM 7!


over sixteen years ago

@asrwe1man - Very true, but I know what George said to me after I gave him his drink, the look of suprise was priceless. Its a shame I did not have the balls to talk to more people there, I agree with Kat, I was to star-stuck. Did get to talk to Swoopy from Skepitcality though, she was cool and felt the same way as I did.

over sixteen years ago

I\\\'m going to take a blood oath that I WILL be at next year\\\'s TAM! Yep, vibraphone and all that.

PS- It\\\'s not a bullshit whatsoever, I assure you, but I\\\'m almost certain that the English guy who gave Geo that diet Coke was my dad! Wows. He also got his copy of [sic] signed by the afore mentioned Geo. Niiiiiiiice! But, I\\\'ll actually be there next time to say \\\"Pope Shenuda\\\". T\\\'will be good methinks.

over sixteen years ago

Cornelius --- I have no children..

over sixteen years ago

Another good show.

I am right there with you Geo (on the whole love issue), but also have no advice or answers. I love the time I get with the one I love and wouldn\\\'t want to give it up for anything... but at the same time it\\\'s confuses and hurts the rest of time. No answer, but know you aren\\\'t alone in dealing with something like this.

over sixteen years ago

Andy -- there was more than one Englishman @ TAM6. Geo\\\'s description of you would have sounded like a description of me to Cornelius. I will have him look up observer bias.

Cornelius -- Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy... oh never mind.

George Hrab
over sixteen years ago


You made my Thursday night. Serioulsy!

I\\\'ve been telling my friends and familly that story and eveyone just loves it.



over sixteen years ago

I\'m glad to hear you had a great time, Geo. I\'ll admit I was one of the people with a thought-bubble over his head going \"Huh! Soccergirl!\" but you two really looked at ease with each other, and yes, you\'re a damn striking couple. And thanks again for signing the book -- it cracks me up.

Me, I\'m still kicking myself for getting separated from the gentleman from Denmark who carried a plushie penis in his shoulder bag and who said he knew how to get to the SkepChick party after the P&T show. But I couldn\'t resist stopping to interrogate Alec Jason, the forensic specialist, about his role in the Magic Bullet Trick, \'cause he was showing off the bullet and I\'d seen the trick done once before and I just had to ask him about his impressions, and then I lost track of who was where, and I didn\'t want to go around buttonholing people I didn\'t really know, yada yada...

(Deep breath, Marvin...!)

OK, ok.... Geekgasm aftershock. Sorry about that. I went to WorldCon once and that didn\'t fill me with squee like TAM. *Happy dance!*

over sixteen years ago

It was me who handed you the coke, unfortuanty I was a wimpy English man who could not say anything else to you during the whole event.


over sixteen years ago

I was gonna e-mail you, but I never got around to it.