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Dec 5, 2008

The Show Notes

missed ya'
100th birthday party

- Great Grand Uncle?
- cool photo montage
- driving topography
- Steve
- Steve's students
- Dave
- Colleen
They Are Something
- Scott & Susan
- Texas is all about Texas
- Scott's Media Room
- Two shows
- Cameron
- more…
- Mom's Pies
- Galapagos Pics
- Giada De Laurentiis
IYA Opening Ceremonies in January
NAMM show
JREF article?
show close


Mentioned in the show: NAMM 2009 in Anaheim; International Year of Astronomy 2009; James Randi Educational FoundationJREF Swift blog; Geo and the Hursts; Geo in Austin and Geo at UTA, all photos courtesy of Scott Hurst; The Compleat Galapagos Collection; Don't mess with Texas.

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Ms. Information says: Huge thanks to Scott and Susan!

over fifteen years ago

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fifteen and a half years ago

Tee Morris insisted taking me to South of the Border. It was all I feared and we got hustled for $3. I have yet to forgive him.

over fifteen years ago

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Mike Oliver
fifteen and a half years ago

You might have noticed that all those Texas-centric billboards were from national advertisers. They make special campaigns just for our state, like we\\\'re going to be fooled into thinking we have some special status with them. Have you ever seen an ad that said, \\\"Ford trucks--built tough enough for VERMONT!\\\"? Didn\\\'t think so.

And if anyone is wondering, \\\"Don\\\'t Mess With Texas\\\" is a long running, very successful anti-littering campaign. You see the signs everywhere but the explanation is in fine print.

Mike Oliver
fifteen and a half years ago

Oh, and you only got the 40 oz steak? Next time, tip your flight attendant.

fifteen and a half years ago

Am i the only one here who digs the facial hair
stubble for the win!

fifteen and a half years ago

I just ordered a copy of \\\'Non-Coloring Book\\\' (its not \\\'Non-ColoUring Book\\\'(is that a double negative (is this too many parenthetical asides?))).

Due to the way Lulu works it takes a few days to prepare the orders. If any of you need delivery by the Winter Solstice you had better get your orders in soon.

Cornelius -- if you read this its ruined the surprise.

Peter Sosna
fifteen and a half years ago

Hey Geo,
You just got a very nice mention on the American Free-thought podcast. The hosts listed their top Xmas gift suggestions and one of them was The Entire George Hrab Discography!

Peter Sosna
fifteen and a half years ago

P.S. - I was listening to American Free-thought while reading your article at the JREF!

fifteen and a half years ago

EEP!! One of the very few times that I\\\'m NOT able to make a January AAS meeting, and they invited you to come and perform! I\\\'m so sad. :-(

As for asking questions... sometimes I go along to dinner with the colloquium speaker, and if I\\\'m not being too shy and if I know anything about their topic, I do ask lots of questions. But I\\\'m in a sliiightly older age bracket?

fifteen and a half years ago

Like now :)

GOGO Geo (must not read other comments for spoilers!)

fifteen and a half years ago

I think I\'m getting conned on my frequent trips to Texas, no one handing out 40oz steaks when I arrive

Susan B.
fifteen and a half years ago

When exactly are you going to be in California, and is there a link to the event? I think I\\\'ll be able to make it, but it\\\'s not clear exactly what day and where.

I absolutely agree about the guide dog--they are really amazing creatures. My friend has a guide dog and he acts exactly as you\\\'ve described: while the harness is on, he\\\'s perfectly focused and attentive, but as soon as the harness comes off he knows he gets to play. Watching them work together is even more amazing. When they visited me recently I took them to Manhattan and the dog was so efficient at guiding her through the enormous crowds and confusion that I could barely follow in their wake.

fifteen and a half years ago

I stayed at Pedro\\\\\\\'s South of the Boarder with my folks when I was a kid because we were barraged with the signs on a drive home from Florida in the mid seventies, I recall it being a very pleasant stay with a very good steak for dinner. It was also featured in the film Miss Congeniality I think.

My busting up laughing at this story guaranteed me a seat to myself on the subway as I listened to you speak of it, so double win.

fifteen and a half years ago

Oh, Geo, I\\\'m so sorry; I didn\\\'t mean to mess you up! But it was a thrill to see you live and to meet you.

Trufax: White Settlement was named because at the time of its founding, it was one of the few outposts that was safe for outsiders in \\\"indian country.\\\"

More trufax: my mother-in-law taught in White Settlement Independent School District for many, many years.

Ms. Information
fifteen and a half years ago

Andy dear-

I\\\'m afraid your comment was devoured by the interface. So sorry. Could you please send it again?

Ms. Info

fifteen and a half years ago

Just pausing the podcast for a moment to make a comment about the students-not-asking-questions thing.

Apparently you\'re not alone, Geo: Susan Jacoby, in _The Age of American Unreason_, tells a story about how recently she gave a lecture at a college and stayed in the dorm while she was visiting. She was excited about the stay because she figured that some of the students would have questions and, in any event, there was bound to be late-night bull sessions going on in the student lounge like they did when she was young.

She was deeply disappointed to find that this wasn\'t the case. Everyone was immersed in their electronic devices and the idea of having a conversation that consisted of physical bodies gabbing together just didn\'t seem to occur to them at the time.

fifteen and a half years ago

I come up with the \\\"Grandfather-in-law\\\" a different way, so I think that it is correct.
Your Uncles wife is your Aunt-in-law, so her father would be your grandfather-in-law. Though, that is also the term for your wife\\\'s grandfather...
Maybe it is better to just say Uncle\\\'s Wife\\\'s Father. It is almost the same length and is more descriptive.

John from Toronto

fifteen and a half years ago

If your father\\\'s brother\\\'s father is your grandfather, wouldn\\\'t your father\\\'s brother\\\'s wife\\\'s father be your grandfather-in-law?

David P.
fifteen and a half years ago

When I was a kid living in the D.C. area, my parents had a \\\"South of the Border\\\" bumper sticker. I thought they had been to Mexico, but later found out that \\\"South of the Border\\\" is in South Carolina. Now I live in Texas where Mexico is really south of the border.

Saw you at the DFW concert (I actually appear in some of the Flickrrrr pics). Thanks for visiting us way down here.

In 2005, White Settlement, TX had a proposal on a ballot to change the name, but the proposal didn\\\'t pass.