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May 6, 2010

The Show Notes

Betty White on SNL
Bank Teller
Social Security e-mail
Mike Keneally / Bryan Beller Tour
Julie & Julia
Religious Moron of the Week
     - George Rekers from Stephen Primatic
Electron Boy
Happy Mother's Day!
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Mentioned in the Show

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Julie & Julia

George Alan Rekers: in the news and at the wiki

Electron Boy in the Seattle Times and at Salon


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Ms. Information says, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Kevin Hoover
over fourteen years ago

George, now one of my favorite podcasters has endorsed my favorite musician. Like things seek each other out, I guess.

Thanks for liking Mike.

over fourteen years ago

Spot on about Julie and Julia. I watched that for the first time last week, and ended up fast forwarding through all the Julie parts. It made for a very enjoyable, but slightly annoying, 60 minute movie about Julia Child. Meryl Streep is a goddess.

The Electron Boy story brought tears to my eyes. It's a good thing I decided to listen to it after I finished my last final.

over fourteen years ago

Ashokan Farewell. Man, what a great song. Because the misty eyes from the story wasn't enough, you added Ashokan Farewell.

over fourteen years ago

We can rent-boy Geo?! Oh, poo, I mis-read that.

over fourteen years ago

Yes. People rock. Yeah, we suck, too. Yeah, we do so much crap to each other and ourselves. But we also do things like let sick kids be superheroes. Because we WANT to.

Funny thing about Rekers: Every time I read an article on him, I kept hearing Geo's voice saying "delicious, delicious cock." Also funny: The FRC has scrubbed references to him as a cofounder from their site. If you check archived versions of their history page, he's listed...but not now. I think that to honor tradition, they should deny him another couple times before (ahem) the cock crows.

David P.
over fourteen years ago

I deal with binary in my career, and I'm impressed; 10100100 does indeed equal 164.

Did you hear that the Reker's rent boy's name is "Geo"?

Brian "No E"
over fourteen years ago

it was mermaids cojones