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A Geologic Shift

Mar 19, 2008

Hey Kids-

According to the Maestro, it's quite possible that the cast might move from Wednesday to a Thursday post on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more details.

Ms. Information

fourteen and a half years ago

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Steve Wright
fifteen and a half years ago

Oh fine, just mess up my Wednesday ritual!

Thanks for the heads up!

fifteen and a half years ago

You go ahead and post whatever day you need to. I\\\'ll still download and listen and be grateful for it - yes Grateful! Why, when I was a kid, if we wanted to hear podcasts we\\\'d have to pay the lizard men to bring us forward in time. And it weren\\\'t CHEAP! They wanted all of our garbage pail kid stickers, our lunch money and fully HALF of whatever creepy crawlers we\\\'d made whether we used the squirt-in dye or not. I don\\\'t know how we managed it. And when we got home our dad\\\'s would thrash us for upsetting our mothers. . . what was the question?

Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe
fifteen and a half years ago

Wait- I\'m stuck on creepy crawler reminiscence. Can you even believe that the very sketchy hot plate device was allowed on the market and in the hands of kids? I recall there was a whole me-too line after the creepy crawler success. I remember something called incredible edibles. Again- trippy kids\' toys!

fifteen and a half years ago

Oh yes. There were some fantstic deadly and fun items on the shelves for the kiddies back in the \\\'60s. My brother and I had \\\"Monster Machine\\\" ( another hot-plate variant ) where you stuck a plastic block in it, heated it up and watched a little monster figure unfold. When you were done playing with it, you could heat it up again and stick it into the \\\'torture press\\\' and crank it into a mashed block again. I can smell the chemicals even as I type this :).

fifteen and a half years ago

I can live with that, I guess.