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Coming Soon: Episode 50

Jan 23, 2008

Hey, Kids—

Life has been a little hectic here at Geologic HQ and I beg your indulgence. At the moment, the Maestro is busy disassembling the Christmas City putz, cooking a metric ton of chili, returning old library books within the amnesty deadline, and putting the finishing touches on his Annual Icelandic Haiku Contest entry.

The bottom line is that due to this necessary whirlwind of activity, the podcast won't be available until Friday morning.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience or physical discomfort this may cause and hope that when the show lands you'll forget the painful memory of the 48-hour wait.

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Stupid Reality
sixteen and a half years ago

Pft. CarrieP and I were cooking chili before it was cool and *everyone* started doing it.
If anyone starts collecting antique 13th century chicken jewelery I\\\'m just gonna have to give up trying to be original ;p

No rush Geo. It\\\'s worth the wait.

sixteen and a half years ago

Bummer. Kept checking my podcatcher... nothing.
At least I finally know. Glad it\\\'s nothing serious, at least.

Chili would be good as the temps plummet this weekend. Can I swing by for leftovers?

sixteen and a half years ago

Listeners of the Geologic Podcast
fully understand the constraints of time, the
pressures of real life and the fragile nature
of \\\"deadlines\\\". The Show will arrive when it
arrives. Those who are wise have already posted here. - Those who do NOT understand are greasey
dingo buttwipes.

sixteen and a half years ago

oooooh....I see what happened. The post changed to Friday instead of there being a whole new post....

You\\\'re a crafty one, Ms. I.....


Disciple of Geo
sixteen and a half years ago

Friday now? Blast! Should I sacrifice another goat?

Or do a need a more powerful animal? Maybe a bison?

Or a Cow?

sixteen and a half years ago

Ah, take the rest of the week off with pay... We\\\'ll catch up with ya next week. They\\\'s plenny o\\\' other pods to listen at, the Signal\\\'s 1st of the 4th Season is up, they\\\'s compiled Moonshine into it\\\'s own schtick, Tales from the \\\'Verse is running, Skeptical Swoony can not be repressed...

sixteen and a half years ago

Mmmmm, chili.

sixteen and a half years ago

Guess this Wednesday is just Prince Spaghetti Day. Geologic Thursday starts..... tomorrow!

sixteen and a half years ago

I second the chili recipe request. And also poke CarrieP about the opportunity to present the thing she initiated upon the rest of us.

Dwight from Ottawa
sixteen and a half years ago

Oh crap! I need my fix, first Sigler and now you ?! I think I\\\'ll have to go to church and pray to the holy tears of Pat Roberts that Geo shares the chili recipe, I need my fix!

Steve Wright
sixteen and a half years ago

Oh My God!! The world is going to end!!
*runs around screaming*

sixteen and a half years ago


sixteen and a half years ago

Not that Geo doesn\'t fully deserve a rest, mind you.

sixteen and a half years ago

Tell the Maestro to take his time and NOT to put his back out or fall off something. Hes nice enough to put it up his podcast for free, we cannot complain about it being a few hours late.