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May 1, 2011

Geo and Phil Plait perform Death From The Skies onstage at NECSS 2011, calling this the Lazy Sunday version. This inspired Geo to re-record the acoustic version that you now have. Enjoy the newest Death!

Photo: ©2011 Bruce F. Press Photography

You can watch the NECSS performance here courtesy of Brian Gregory.

Death From The Skies


Odds of dying by asteroid impact:  1 in 700,000
The overall risk of dying from an impact in your lifetime is one in seven hundred thousand- somewhat less than being killed by a fireworks accident- but still more probable than being killed on an amusement park ride or by an act of terrorism.      

Odds of dying by supernova explosion: 1 in 10,000,000
Supernovae happen about once per century in any given galaxy. Assuming the event would cause a mass extinction killing everyone on earth- the odds of you specifically dying from one during your lifetime are about 1 in 10 million.

Odds of dying by solar flare or coronal mass ejection:
ZERO, but with an asterisk.
While a whopping big solar event can seriously impair or destroy a nation's infrastructure and economy, in general it will not directly cause deaths. We have to rate this a zero chance for human fatality, but with an asterisk, as a nod to the destructive power it has in other ways.

Odds of dying by gamma ray burst: 1 in 14,000,000
Gamma ray bursts are dangerous from distances of more than 7,000 light years. You would have to be in the path of a relatively narrow beam to get hurt. Your odds of being killed by a GRB are one in 14 million. You're about as likely to be killed by a shark attack.

Eventual odds of dying by death of the sun: inevitable

Eventual odds of dying by galactic doom: inevitable

Eventual odds of dying by death of the universe: inevitable


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Another listener
twelve and a half years ago

Yes, 'A Listener'. It's understandable why not.
Because your inability to Google or ask someone else your question if it was that urgent, or (heaven forbid!) to write again politely in case the inquiry was lost takes precedence over everything else that has happened since your question that might have resulted in it not being answered.
Such as the pressures of a tour that has encompassed over two continents, the production of an album, the MCing of a convention in another country, all the PFA and Triologic gigs and (not forgetting) the production of a podcast episode every week that you neither pay for nor acknowledge the effort behind - which funnily enough, has given at least the opportunity to answer your questions IF (and sometimes not even with that!) they're asked with some respect for all of the above.
Meh, but who cares? Being a self-centered jerk in the comments with a matter no one else cares about, that is completely unrelated to the episode at hand, is much more satisfactory and showing that you expect your podcast-monkey to dance for your inquiries is what free online content is all about. Knock yourself out.
Or better yet, unsubscribe and don't let the door hit your fat arse. Vibes to everyone else.

A listener
twelve and a half years ago

I wrote you about a year ago about Led Zepplin's 'Kashmir'. Circle of fifths and all that. Thanks for nothing.