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Oct 4, 2008

Thanks to popular demand, the Maestro's Dokaka-style cover of (Sweet Dreams Are Made of This) by The Eurythmics is now available for your listening pleasure as a separate mp3.

When the fabulous Paul Fischer had asked me to use it on the Balticon Podcast, I said, "Who am I to disagree?" We here at Geologic HQ thought you might like having this in your Geo-Arsenal, too.

Herewith, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of Vox).


-Ms. Information

over fourteen years ago

Thanks for this:). I actually don't like the original song, but this is great.

over fifteen years ago

gold wow.
po wow.
des po wow.

Gary from Jacksonville
almost sixteen years ago

Great stuff Geo. I even found myself singing the backround track.

almost sixteen years ago

Thanks for posting, I love it.

Bike Worryford
almost sixteen years ago

Excellent cover! mega cool and all that!

re. band histories...if I tried to do this it would take a week, have less gigs attached, less success but more I won\\\'t.

I am a bit upset \\\'cos now I have to wait a week to listen to new shows as I have listened to ALL the archives...and have started listening all over again! What is to become of me?

BTW, what did you record \\\'Sweet Dreams\\\' on? something like cakewalk or cubase? Inquiring minds have to know. oh and 10th!! (will never beat Mr \\\'Pick or Ms P.)

religion bidders?

Ms. Information
almost sixteen years ago

Hello Bike-

When you say all the archives, did you include ye olde Radio Hour Archives as well?

Tenth or 100th, we love to hear from you.

Ms. Info

recaptcha, scaring me a little:
captured dearly

Bike Worryford
almost sixteen years ago

Hi Ms.Info!

Wow, a personal missive from the all-knowing Ms Info! Squeeeee! (sorry, I get overexcited).

George told me about the Radio archives in a return email he was kind enough to send...I admit I haven\\\'t listened to all of these, so technically I lied to you when I said ALL...1 million apologies and an order from iTunes as penance. Although not really penance as I would enjoy listening to the any chores you want doing?!
An apologetic Bike.

oh BTW...did George ever get the gigs in London sorted? We may be dealing with a gig promoter soon to play medium sized venues around London...I will certainly ask about the possibility of Geologic visitation!

BTWBTW...if you are brave enough to click my link, our version of \\\'Watcher of the Skies\\\' has considerably improved!

almost sixteen years ago

Awesome, simply awesome.

But now when do we get the experimental video for this one?


almost sixteen years ago

@ Reggie...
He\\\'s gotta work a way to be naked in it first. :)


Chris Sol
almost sixteen years ago

Most excited about this, thanks Ms I!

Now, any chance of cutting up the Periodic Table? Kinda tedious when the little one says \\\"Now let\\\'s have Copper!\\\" \\\"Now what about Protactinium?\\\" \\\"Now Fluorine!\\\" :)

Thanks for all your hard work,

almost sixteen years ago

So this is cool,

Any chance that he same thing could be done for \\\"and you and I from a few months back? I really liked that one as well.

Counting the days to the new album.


almost sixteen years ago

I had already stripped this out for own personal use... but it\\\'s good to see it as a stand-alone for others.

I\\\'ll echo my post from the podcast comments: I heart Dokaka. Have you heard Tanya Tagaq? Similar Inuit throat singer (yeah, I know, Dokaka\\\'s Japanese, not Intuit)...

Oh, and Björk\\\'s Medúlla (from 2004) is a full album of (mostly) only voice, featuring both Dokaka, Tagaq, Mike Patton, Rahzel, et cetera...


almost sixteen years ago

AWESOME! Possibly my new fave cover EVAH! Almost got a Jimmy Sommerville vibe happening there, George...

almost sixteen years ago


Thanks, Ms. I!