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Feb 3, 2011


Fancast 3: Vibraphone: The Musical
Fancast 2: The 4 Colors of Hrab
Fancast 1: The Fancast

Le Personnel
Chef De Cuisine: Carolyn "CarrieP" Parkinson
Annonceur: Brian "Arkle" Webber
Recitant: Alexandra "Allie" Press
Peter Sosna: Peter Sosna
Deus ex Mugavero: Ms. Information
Sommelier: Bruce "The Icepick" Press
Le paradoxe des Français: Jerry Lewis

Menu De Plats

Un Apertif
Peter Sosna - Police Dog Blues written by Blind Blake
DJ Empirical - Evil Fancast Theme: The Sighs of It

Le Entree
Damian Handzy – The Interview, with Myra and George Hrab "The Elder"

Sorbet au Citron
'dillo – Brains Body Robot

Le Plat Principal
Jason Smith – Georgeoscopes

Un Degustation
Brian “No E” Mahony – My Dinner With George
Damian Handzy – Geo's Dad Reads Geo's Lyrics
Milton Mermikides – Receiving Barlines

Sorbet a la pomme
'dillo – Far Out

Le Fromage
Slau – Email of Reason
Bill Kaplan – Inside Geo's Head

Le Dessert
Milton Mermikides – Geoneurological
Chuck Donches – Goodbye written by George Hrab

“Punches and slaps” provided by Syna-Max through the Freesound project


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Ms. Information sez: "A skabillion thanks to all the Fancasters and especially to the amazing and indefatigable Carrie P!"



thirteen and a half years ago

Great fancast! Brilliant! Bravo!

No E
thirteen and a half years ago

@Jason the words of Loki,

"Let it never be said that your anal retentive attention to detail never yielded positive results!"

Jason Smith
thirteen and a half years ago

Hey, thanks Carrie! I was just logging on to do that.

And thanks again for the opportunity to help in giving something back to this awesome guy!

thirteen and a half years ago

Awesome. Miss Info is SO obviously a superhero, can't believe I didn't notice. Should have known better, but now I know.

I think my favorite bit was "SOSNAAAAAAA!!!!" Very Shatner.

Oh, and Slau.

And Milton's beats.

And the Georgeoscopes.

And No E's story.

And...oh, the whole damn thing!

Peter Sosna
thirteen and a half years ago

So I have to say some stuff about Carrie P.
George, you are one lucky dude to have a fan like Carrie. It was such a pleasure to work with her to create this podcast; she was just amazing! I told her at the beginning to just write whatever she liked and I would do it. Of course, when I got the script I had to be a jerk and say, “Wait, I can't do this”. We got on the phone, talked it over. What we ended up with was unlike what either of us had envisioned; it was even better than either of us had hoped for. Our dialog, recorded separately, worked out so well I was quite astonished when I first heard it. (I surprised myself while recording it when I turned into an evil Tommy Smothers. That was not what I was thinking about before hitting record; it just came out of me!)
For me, the most amazing part of the process were the few phone calls we had. Here we are, two people who had never met; just exchanged a few emails. We live in different parts of the country, probably have very different backgrounds...The only thing we have in common is we both love listening to this silly podcast. But then, by both of us loving this silly podcast, we actually have all sorts of things in common! We had an instant rapport. I could have talked to Carrie all night – I wanted to. In am overjoyed that we were able to work together and I can't wait to do it again.

No E
thirteen and a half years ago


you know the thing right at the end???

the Everything Alive Will Die Someday riff??

That was me :D

and im missing a string on my guitar!!

i didn't do chords or anything i just moved up and down the fretboard