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Sep 30, 2010

The Show Notes

The gym & pizza & texting
Canada & SGU
Minoishe Interroberg’s To Make With the Good English
     - more better
     - expresso / espresso
Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury
Religious literacy
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Bishop Eddie L. Long
Ask George
     - Female drummers? from Bryan
     - Concert gear? from Dave   
     - Broadway Show? from Arkle
     - Cross genres? from March
Happy Birthday Baby Karaoke
Show close


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Jeff Lombardo
thirteen and a half years ago

I have my mother in laws B Day tonight. Can anyone get me the copy of Happy Bday Baby Karaoke. Either post me a link or send it via email

Thanx all

Carrie P
thirteen and a half years ago

"Out of my Mind" is about Sheila E, isn't it?

thirteen and a half years ago

And now an impression of me during the Female drummers question:

"Oh yeah, Meg White from the White Stripes."


and Meg White.


and Meg White, right Geo?



*head assplodes!*

I mean, yeah, she isn't great but she is probably one of the most famous female rock drummers right now. The only other one I can think of off the top of my head is Torry Castellano from The Donnas and most people don't even know her name.

thirteen and a half years ago

I was shocked to hear people put their hands on the treadmill machine. Really? It always makes me feel like I'll get pulled into the mechanism or something when I do that... maybe it's just me. It just seems 'normal' not to hold onto anything. :/

And wahhhhhh 'Styrofoam Tour'! :D I'll never live that down. :)

thirteen and a half years ago

Actually, I meant a B-Way musical based on your music, along the lines of Movin' Out or We Will Rock You, but hey, the answer I got was still funny. :-)

Tom (iow)
thirteen and a half years ago

Did I misunderstand, or did the listener writing in to the Rabbi claim that 'more slowly' was incorrect?

Josh R.
thirteen and a half years ago

I only know this because I used to work in Atlanta TV news... but BJ Bernstein is a woman.

thirteen and a half years ago

turns out that both cases reviewed by the Rabbi happen in spanish all the time. just as in english "mas mejor" (more better) is incorrect but there's a similar expression: "mas mayor" (lit. more older) which is actually correct. In the second case "expreso" is valid as long as is correctly spelled as the spanish equivalent to the italian "espresso", interestingly people also use variations of "express"

thirteen and a half years ago

That's cool about the karaoke version! Tim sang along with the album version and recorded it for my last birthday, so you had an unintentional duet, Geo. It was very cute.