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Oct 8, 2010

The Show Notes

Your Smell
Michael Piller’s Star Trek Book
Interesting Fauna
     - Nyctimene rabori: Philippine Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat
Texas on Saturday
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Voodoo Rape guy from Bruce Press
     - The Vatican from David Barwick
Cands / Cairns
Tax Facts
Dad Video
Show close


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almost fourteen years ago

To the smell thing-wouldn't you be able to detect it on your clothes? It's like when a girl, wearing her guy's jacket, smells it because it smells like him, right?
Unless you're de-sensitized to that too.....

almost fourteen years ago

No longer have thefacebook. Is there any chance you'll stick the video up on theyoutube?

almost fourteen years ago

Hey wow, I was just listening to this while walking home and you started talking about the star trek book, and I walked in the front door, sat down at my computer, managed to find a link to the PDF (nothing ever gets 'deleted' from the internet) and read the first page (still with my earphones in my ears) and now, I'm afraid I'm going to have to finish listening to your show after I've read the book.

But also, thank you. I just got one of those fancy new lo-tech iPads called a Sony e-reader and this will be perfect for it. I haven't even seen the movie, so I guess I'll watch that after reading the book, and then I'll finish listening to your show.

I'm not even a big star trek fan.

Next time I see my grandparents I'm going to try to explain how amazing it is that this sequence of events can occur in such a short time frame thanks to the internet. And my grandfather will probably go 'Bah! That's what libraries are for.' And then he'll mention that he built a library once.

Am I rambling?

almost fourteen years ago

Australian (and a link to New Zealand) Tourdate Details:

MELBOURNE - Tuesday, 30th November 2010, from 8pm at The Clyde Hotel, 385 Cardigan Street, Carlton, Victoria. There's a Facebook group that shows nearly 40 or so RSVPs so far, so zip in a message there or perhaps contact via comment on the Young Australian Skeptics site.

NEW ZEALAND - George Hrab: Christchurch and Auckland are featured at - if you're a local, go help out with getting the tour there?

ADELAIDE - Thinking and Drinking - George Hrab special event Friday Dec 03, 8:00 PM, The Royal Institution of Australia (RI Australia), Exchange Place, Adelaide.

CANBERRA - George Hrab: Sunday Dec 05, 1pm-4pm at the King O'Malleys Irish Pub.

BRISBANE - 7.30pm Monday 29th November - The Redbrick Hotel, 83 Annerley Road, South Brisbane

almost fourteen years ago

Unfortunately, that "taxpayer's receipt" is a little misleading. For example,most defense spending has been left off; the US federal budget spends more on defense than anything else.

Interesting US federal budget trivia fact: the interest payments on the US debt are larger than the US budget deficit; if it weren't for having to pay for the debt, the US could balance the federal budget.

A listener
almost fourteen years ago

There's a guy who does hilarious video movie reviews

go here

and click on the Star Trek: Insurection link on the left.

Jason Smith
almost fourteen years ago

Woo-Hoo!!!! I was starting to go through withdrawal. :)