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Oct 21, 2010

The Show Notes

Damn Volume
Show intro
The Goodies. Yes, of course.
Do/can you know who you really are?
Youngest listener
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Museum of New Zealand from Norm Drexel & David Ingram
     - Hindu goat sacrificers from Jamie Sydel
     - Masonic Protesting Minister from James Booth
     - Tom Brock, closeted Minister from Eat Your Greens
Inkredulous recording
The Philadelphia Funk Authority live at the Allentown Fair
     - Sir Duke
     - I’m A Man
     - Shining Star
     - Bad Mamma Jamma
     - I Like It
     - Rock Steady
     - Tears of a Clown
Sorry ‘bout the voice
Show close


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Philadelphia Funk Authority



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Heather Van De Sande
thirteen and a half years ago

I totally belong to the Music-Too-Damn-Loud party. I also belong to its sister group: if-I-can't-sit-in-a-chair-I'm-not-going party.

thirteen and a half years ago

Oh my, I think this is the worst I've heard you sound in a podcast. Hope you are feeling better! Take Care

Mikey Clarke
almost fourteen years ago

Great episode! Others have commented on the pronunciation of "Maori", so I won't elaborate, but for the word you were questioning your own pronunciation of, "Wairarapa", you got absolutely right, although in the 200 or so years since the start of British colonisation of NZ, common usage has Anglicised it a wee bit, to "Why-ruh-RAP-ah".

Also, when you were wondering about why actors playing themselves portray themselves as total dicks rather than really nice people, I wouldn't be surprised if it's partially, at least, they're concerned that if they do, others will think they're basically saying "Ooh, look at me, aren't I great? Bask in my superiority!"

almost fourteen years ago

Please do an entire show where you mispronounce everything. Possibly by just doing the whole thing in an Australian accent.

almost fourteen years ago

Well, That shows what I know about british TV.
I love every time you post live Phillyfunk recordings, you guys are awesome even with the "not-as-perfect-as-you'd-like" recording quality

almost fourteen years ago

Māori is commonly pronounced /ˈmaʊri/ or /ˈmɑː.ɔri/. "Mao" As in Mao Tse Tung, "Ri" as in ring.

almost fourteen years ago

<3 the podcast.
Just FYI (from NZ), Maori, is said more like 'Mao' (the Chinese Communist Leader) 'ree.' Took me a while to realise what you were saying, hate being the annoying person, but it is the native people of NZ.

almost fourteen years ago

I have to say, your pronunciation of New Zealand terminology made me giggle, considering I am of Maori descent.

I previously had some reservations on the whole Te Papa story because of it having a cultural link to what my ancestors thought and believed (and what my grandmother continues to believe), but as an atheist and non-superstitious free thinker I had come to the conclusion that it was silly, for the museum to perpetuate such old time beliefs.

Also, Maori is pronounced Muh-ow-ree. Not that you're mistakenly implying anything if you do pronounce it wrong, I'm just being picky. That being said, I now know that I shouldn't say a Ukrainian is from "the Ukraine".