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Dec 23, 2010

The Maestro with the Geologic Podcat

The Show Notes

Mall vendors
Apologies and extra thanks
Song: I Don’t Believe in Christmas
Jay & Cortney’s Engagement (I Can't Help It)
Olya Fryz’s new record
Song: Carol of the Bells/Schedryk Variations
Dollar bill at Walmart
Sister Blog
Song: God is Born
Gift for Skeptics: Power Im-Balance
Song: The Bells of Jerusalem
Christmas thanks
Show close


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over thirteen years ago

Speaking of finding money in the form of bills, I once found three hundred dollar bills funnily enough in a Wal-Mart parking lot. I didn't see anyone it could belong to either, and ended up turning it over to the police, who were required to hold it for six months, and told me I should have just kept it. But six months later I got a nice little cash infusion.

over thirteen years ago

My favorite version of Carol of the Bells:

over thirteen years ago

yayeee! the pressies arrived… just before xmas… just like if i had planned it that way ;)

Happy holiday to all at Geologic HQ from Faster Pussycat Productions HQ aka kitten central. xox

Soylent Green
over thirteen years ago

Just a quick note that while Sydney Harbour has lots of bays within it, if you're talking about the water in front of the Opera House it is more commonly called the Harbour, not the Bay.

Glad to Geo mastered the coffee ordering. There was a joke for a while that a skinny flat white was also called a Gwenyth Platrow

Heather Van De Sande
over thirteen years ago

I had the same mall experience in Kentucky. I dont't go to the mall often (like maybe once every other year) so it was an annoying experience for me. It reminded me of how pushy the vendors are in Tijuana.

over thirteen years ago

Yeah, that mall kiosk/vendor thing is happening even up here in the frozen north. Canadian malls are chock full of helicopters and intricately cut foil, (only with Canucks and Maple Leafs), not to mention sunglasses, engravings, puzzles, and other manner of knick-knackery.

Brian Hoffman
over thirteen years ago

I went to the mall yesterday, and had the same type of experience.They are everywhere!

over thirteen years ago

I first ran into those in-the-hall kiosks in the early 80s in Faneuil Hall in Boston, where they were called Bullmarkets (IIRC). They have had them in the Toronto malls for at least 15 years now... Though ours aren't as aggressive as your seem to be.

Bastard Sheep
over thirteen years ago

In regards to being rude when accosted by sales people, it's all a matter of your mindset to the scenario that is playing out.

The tact I usually take is to smile, shake my head, and continue walking. Now, you said that this makes you feel like you're the one being rude, however another way to think of it is that if you're not actually interested in their product then continuing on stops not only your time from being wasted but theirs as well, so is in fact the more polite option you can take.

It's all a matter of perception.

over thirteen years ago

Seal Point

over thirteen years ago

Cat Cat Cat...Siamese Cat!

over thirteen years ago

¡Hahahaha! Geologic Pocat. I guess she/he let's you borrow her/his chair while recording.

over thirteen years ago