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Jan 27, 2011

TWO HUNDRED: The Show Notes

Thanks so much. Really.
The History Chunk
     - January 27th
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Miriam Fowler Smith
     - Irish Vatican representatives from Jamie
     - Christian BBQers and Maori Reps from Philip Muir
The Golden Ticket Tour
What’s coming up
Triologic gigs!
Show close



Feb. 3 - 7: QED; Manchester, UK
Feb. 8: Sheffield, UK
Feb. 9: Surrey, UK with Milton Mermikides
Feb. 10: London, UK (tentative)
Feb. 11: pending
Feb. 12: Dublin, Ireland
Feb. 13: Travel
Feb. 14: Lund, Sweden
Feb. 15: Gothenburg, Sweden
Feb. 16: Oslo, Norway
Feb. 17: Stockholm, Sweden
Feb. 18: Helsinki, Finland
Feb. 19: Home to US


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Ms. Information sez: "Thanks to all of you wonderful people who have made our world a larger and far mor fascinating and beautiful place. We adore you all!"


twelve and a half years ago


twelve and a half years ago

Mr. H., You're an inspiration! Thank you - T

twelve and a half years ago

Thanks for all the free entertainment.

Good luck in Europa!

Infinite Monkey
almost thirteen years ago


Congrats on the 200

I can't get over how mad that woman, Miriam made me. It's times like this I wish there was a hell, so she could burn in it. It's as if an entire planet cried out "aweful" at the same time. I volunteer at a cat foster, and the only reason I don't foster dogs is I live in a condo and don't have the inclination to go up and down 3 flights of stairs every morning and evening so they can go do bidness. I love cats and dogs the way most people love children. I find that as morally repugnant as if she had done that to a child. You don't understand how hard I'm trying not to burst into a profanity-laden tirade that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush.

Sorry about bitching about some nut job. Today was about you, and your 200th ep.

almost thirteen years ago

Geo. My nattily dressed shining pate of talent. Our family would be SO dysfunctional without you. I can't even imagine it. So I shan't. No one is more worthy and deserving of every good thing in the universe than you and Ms. Information, the true dynamic duo. Congratulations infinity.

almost thirteen years ago

I know I'm laying it on thick here, Geo, but...I still think it needs to be said: We know. But don't stop trying to convince us.

You know that you can never thank everyone, you know you will forget some, and yet still you try with such naked sincerity. You can't help it. You go out of your way to tell us you're sharing stories NOT because you're boasting, but because you're geeking out along with us. You worry about being the fraud at the conference. That speaks volumes about who you are.

You've talked before about how your atheism makes you feel obligated to lead by example, to demonstrate to others that atheists can be good people too. That's not only a social statement, it's a way of life. It brings rewards. It's impossible for you to thank everyone because people come out of the woodwork to help you. They do that because they want to, and because you've earned it.

You're a good man, George Hrab.

almost thirteen years ago

Congratulations Geo, Miss Info, and Pope Shinuda!
You have been a delight to listen to, and instrumental in making work, commutes and other idle time semi-sane. Thanks for all the great work!
Keep going!


almost thirteen years ago

200 podcasts! Great googly moogly! That's like...a LOT of podcasts!

So thank you very, very, very, very much, Geo. Thank you Ms. Information. Hell, thank you Mama Geo and Papa Geo for making it possible. Mwah!

Ms. Information
almost thirteen years ago


That was such a moving post and I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I sent out a message to the twitterverse so hopefully others will read it. I have a feeling that there are many people who identify with your thoughts on the community.

And thanks to all for your amazingly kind words.

Ms. Info
The link:

almost thirteen years ago

Happy 200th! Thanks for putting up the podcast early.

Yours is my favourite of all the podcasts I listen to, and I just wanted to thank you (and Donna, of course) for doing the podcast and inviting us all into your life.

I'm going to stop now, before I start getting emotional. I wrote a bit more in my (shockingly new) blog, though. (

almost thirteen years ago

Oh, I would SO love to hear that the Sooper Seekrit Announcement is Bad Universe got picked up and Geo's providing music...

George Hrab
almost thirteen years ago

There's more than those two missing... and each has a good reason.

Hmmm... maybe a contest maybe?

Or did we do that last time... I don't remember. Too many shows... ahhh!


almost thirteen years ago

Congratulations on 200!!!!!...but in the intro, where were episodes 121 and 193 in the intro?

almost thirteen years ago

HAPPY 200th !!!