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Feb 25, 2011


Photo courtesy of Kalle Bäcklander


A hotel lobby in Oslo
Golden Ticket Tour Thanks
Religious Morons of the Week
     - iPhone Confession AP from everyone
     - Fatwa People from Mathew Trzcinski
     - Astrology is Science in India from Robert Sparks
Thanks again
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• Tour Management: A Kovacs
• QED folks: Michael Marshall, Andy Wilson, Mike Hall,
   Janis Bennion, Allan Callister
• Manchester Greeting: Rick Owen
• Liverpool Tour: Michael Marshall, Nic Throp, Mike Hall
• Manchester-to-Sheffield Snake Pass Drive: Tim Husband
• Surrey Organizer: Tom Kilworth
• Surrey Pickup: Laura Cook, Mario Bordbar
• London Hosts Extraordinaire: Milton and Bridget Mermikides
• London House Concert Host: Sandra Prow
• London SitP Organizer Dude: Sid Rodrigues
• Dublin Contacts: Cian Mac Mahon, Rebecca O’Neill
• Dublin Museum Tour: Rebecca O’Neill
• Über Tour Above & Beyondage: Morgan Downey
• Lund Host: Fredrik Hassleqvist
• Miracle Flower Appearer: Kiki Leigh
• Gothenburg Host: Jonas Nordstrom
• Oslo Hosts: Marit Simonsen, Kristin C.
• Stockholm Hosts: Martin Rundkvist
• Helsinki Cool People: Niklas Lönngren, Eva Elortanta,
   Max Eloranta, Viggo Eloranta, Mikko Repka
• International Interview: Kira Schroeder
• PFA and drummer Jack Weinstein
• And, of course, Ms. Information
• And, again ... A Kovacs.


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Ms. Information sez: "Thanks to everyone who extended such extraordinary hospitality to the Maestro and helped make the Golden Ticket Tour such a resounding success. We love you a bunch!"



over thirteen years ago

Isn't Finland Awesome? Aren't Finns Awesome? I know because I married one.

It's great to hear you had such a great time over there. And yes, saunas are awesome. It's odd for us Americans to deal with the cultural difference, but once you realize that you're the only one freaked out about it you get over it pretty quickly.

over thirteen years ago

You said it, Mika. Thanks again to you too for not hogging your prize gig all to yourself. =)

over thirteen years ago

It's great to be 6-10 hours ahead of the listeners in America. We get to do the first comments.

over thirteen years ago

Hey hey George,

Mister Finnish subtitle translatin'n'typin' type of guy here. Thanks again for a great gig in Helsinki and thanks for the mention on the 'cast!

The next time you need something subtitled in Finnish (I think we've all been there), just let me know. I'll even make up my own versions of any possible jokes heavy on the wordplay. =)

Ooh, look at the pretty deadline comin' in fast. Need to get back to subtitling Jay Leno and Randy Jackson now!

over thirteen years ago

Thank you for your kind words. Kira's radio show and blog are actually in Swedish but best not to confuse people with the complicated language history of Finland.