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Mar 25, 2011

The Show Notes

Discmakers parking lot
Please say hi
Throwing out pens / spring cleaning
Horror Scopes
Ask George
     - Movies from Arkle
Interesting Fauna
     - Streaked Tenrec (Hemicentetes semispinosus) from Zachary Miner
NECSS Triologic show is open to everyone
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Dr. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer

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over thirteen years ago

Spoiler Alert?

(You were mistaken for this artist at Nerdapalooza, btw)

over thirteen years ago

Movies from Arkle (list)

I wanted to look for some of these movies, but my aging memory isn't so good, so I asked George.

He sent me the list:

20. Monty Python & the Holy Grail
19. Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
18. The Dark Knight
17. Real Genius
16. Inception
15. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
14. Chasing Amy
13. American Beauty
12. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan
11. Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
10. Scream
9. Bowling For Columbine
8. Akira
7. Annie Hall
6. The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
5. Serenity
4. Rent
3. Children of Men
2. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
1. Living Out Loud

over thirteen years ago

I just did a pit band gig for Rent... meh...

Akira I still struggle with, as I go with many anime movies. I like series better.

No E Mahony
over thirteen years ago

when u said how many cars were in the parking all i could hear in my head was the assembly line music from looney toons


i've seen three tall bald guys wearing glasses

and i would get all excited at the potenital of randomly seeing you on da street and said tall bald bespeckled gentleman would turn his head annnnnnd

it wasn't you



the fourth time it was actually you though

holy grail was anticlimactic for me...and i knew most of the bits before i saw it too, but i was still excited to see it cause i DID know most of the bits...and i was looking forward to seeing the bits i didn't know it was great

have u seen the printed mangas of Akira??

there's six of em
AND THEY'RE THE SIZE OF PHONEBOOKS!!! (at least the last two are)


speaking of bald guys who play my'll take u to a totally relevant website (seriously)

over thirteen years ago

"The movie begins with Jesus Christ sitting on a beach relaxing and comparing the kingdom of God to a sand castle. He meets up with El Santo and a woman named Mary Magnum. Together they fight lesbian-killing vampires. Jesus fights with mixed martial arts skills and uses his carpentry skills to create weapons with which to slay vampires."

You wanna see it now don't you? ;-)

over thirteen years ago

I used to watch Akira a lot back in the 90's, being a fan of it actually got me many friends. I have not watched it in more than 10 years despite owning the dvd... I wonder what that says about the movie.
thanks for the shout outs