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Apr 15, 2011

The Show Notes


George Hrab- The Golden Ticket Tour
LIVE from The Big Ben in Stockholm, Sweden

'Ya Famous?
Think For Yourself
When I Was Your Age
Everything Alive Will Die Someday
All The Single Ladies
God Is Not Great
The Assumption
Small Comfort

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Eliot Silbar
almost thirteen years ago

Yo Geo,

That thing you were talking about where you subconsciously mimic someone else's accent is actually useful. According to SciAm's 60 sec science podcast (which is obviously not infallible) repeating back what someone else says in their accent is a really good way to understand what their saying if you're having trouble. Maybe you figured this out on your own and it just developed into some kind of habit.


p.s. I hope you get invited back to Nerdapalooza in Orlando this year. I know it's where you lost your phone but it was still a blast

almost thirteen years ago

Very, very nice George. Thanks for sharing with us.

almost thirteen years ago


You now have the Geologic trifecta. Congrats. Slau and Donna are both amazing.


almost thirteen years ago

This was an awesome show!great job GEO.

Peter Sosna
almost thirteen years ago

Crazy Jesus You Spin Me Right Round?!

Peter Sosna
almost thirteen years ago

What a wonderful time I had last weekend. It was great seeing you again and finally getting to meet Donna, but one of the highlights had to be getting to meet Slau; what a guy!!

almost thirteen years ago

Comments are back! I was going through withdrawal.