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Jun 16, 2011


Birthday surprise story (…finally!)
Dad's birthday / Father’s Day / Anniversary
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Classical vs. Jazz time
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Bryan Fisher from Brent Erickson
Death From the Skies and grammar
Ask George
     - Running? from Andrew Gould and Danny Courtney
Thanks to Syracuse!
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Satori performing Bolling Suites

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Infinite Monkey
almost thirteen years ago

I did some serious analysis of the grammar correction, and I can understand where the confusion comes from.

If you were just going to say that the song was performed by two people, the speaker being one of them, then you would say "George and I". Those are the subjects of the sentance. However, see is the verb, not perform. Perform indtroduces a gerand phrase. Basically its a verb acting like an adjective. It's describing the video, which is the direct object of the sentance.

over thirteen years ago


Just look for "bike shorts" or "cycling shorts" at any of the sporting goods stores(there are good ones at REI, They are expensive, but worth the cost. They have extra stitching to put the seams in the right places, and have padding. And there are men's and women's versions since the genders are apparently different :-)

There are also loose short and skort versions if you don't feel like working the spandex in public.

Anne Marie
over thirteen years ago

@Carrie P: no problem, they are the best thing ever during the summer.

Iason Ouabache
over thirteen years ago

You could make Bryan Fisher your Religion Moron of the Week every week. That guy is just plain nutty.

over thirteen years ago

Hey, while we are doing the fitness thing here in the comments, can anyone suggest some good bike shorts? I am biking to work 1-2 days a week, and I need more comfortable pants.

@Anne Marie, thanks for the tip on the gels.

over thirteen years ago

When I first started, I was running way too fast, and couldn't keep running for 30 minutes. What worked for me was the approach in the book "Fit or Fat" by Covert Bailey.

The main idea of the book is to do anything(walking, running, biking) to get your heart rate up to the aerobic level(explained in book, but about 110-140 for a 40 yr. old), for at least 30 mins, 3-5 times a week.

This may mean starting out just walking fast. After a few weeks, you will have to go faster to get your heart rate in range. Your heart tells you how fast to go, and how you are improving. Keep it up for six months and you will be amazed at the changes.

For guys with thighs, get some spandex shorts to eliminate chafing. Wear some shorts over the spandex to not shock the populace.

Like George says, the most important thing is to do it regularly. Find a schedule and keep to it!

Anne Marie
over thirteen years ago

Tip for the new runner: speaking as a larger woman with knock knees, Lanacane and Monistat both have anti-chafing gels that are awesome. For dudes, the Lanacane is totally gender-neutral (unlike Monistat's rep and packaging) and they're currently giving out free samples from their site. I don't know if it's available in Australia but definitely search for anti-chafing gels in pharmacies. It will make you so much happier and more comfortable when exercising.

Richard Smith
over thirteen years ago

Just watched the video mashup, and the intro reminded me of a thought I'd had earlier. I imagined a remix of "These are the Ways..." but, with May - sorry, I meant October - 21st in mind, sung as "These are the _Days_ the World Will End." Instead of Phil describing the various possibilities, the spoken part would be reading out various historical end-of-the-world predictions, each one punctuated by something along the lines of "It didn't happen." Just thought I'd put it out there, rather than let it quietly moulder amongst my synapses.

Cold Desert
over thirteen years ago


Love the commentary on running. I have been at it for about ten years (off and mostly on.) One of the great things about running is the low cost involved - good shoes and shorts and a t-shirt. No expensive membership or gear. Also, unlike other sporters - I am especially thinking of bikers here - I find that most runners have a great attitude and are pretty accepting of different skill levels/abilities. So if one can find a running group this helps with the diligence/consistency issue. Even at 5 and 10Ks and marathons most runners are really polite and friendly.

I have been really diligent about running for the past six to ten months and I can affirm that the results are very noticeable.


over thirteen years ago

Andrew and Danny,

Other running suggestion stuff: I don't run a lot, but when I do, I need a fairly regimented schedule to get back into shape. I had good success with a "couch to 5 K" program that I found online and on my smart phone.

It's interval training where you run for a certain amount of time, and walk for a certain amount of time. Then, you increase the amount you run and decrease the amount you walk.

I got about halfway through the program, then started to do my own thing, but it got me running not at all to about 15 minutes at a time. And, I eventually worked up to completing a 5K, which is only 3 miles, but it's something.

I was slower than molasses, but I finished it, and ran the whole thing. So, go at your own pace, set your own goals.

Also, not to be your mum or anything, but please make sure you do this under a doctor's care.

over thirteen years ago

Oh yay! Congratulations on getting the itunes debacle taken care of. I shall buy Small Comfort many times over tonight.

A friend had a similar customer service nightmare with ikea. He bought one sink, but ten were delivered to his condo. After two weeks of the sinks sitting in the kitchen, he had to drive back to Ikea (60 miles away) to deliver them himself. He did get a %50 gift card and a good story out of the deal, though.