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Jul 28, 2011

The Show Notes

Sore throat
Geo’s post TAM dinner with Andy and Michelle
Geo’s Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics
     - "Momma Loves Me" from The Blueprint
     - An Alaskan Adventure
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Lolita Smith from Peter Sosna
     - Marcus Pierre Jackson from Peter Sosna
     - Bishop Leonard P Blair from DJ Empirical
NSFW Show this Tuesday
Interesting Fauna
     - Diving Bell Spider (Argyroneta aquatica) from Liisa Milne
PFA & Musikfest August 7th, 11th and 13th
Show Close


Mentioned in the Show

NSFW Show with Brian Brushwood
Tuesday, August 2nd at 10 pm

Philadelphia Funk Authority schedule



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Ms. Information mulls, "That's interesting. I'm allergic to penicillin as well."

eleven and a half years ago

Heh, I'm catching up on the podcast. Upon hearing that Geo's penicillin allergy wasn't listed on his wiki, I went to correct the omission, but it was already there, and with citation from this very show.

eleven and a half years ago

The rafting was on the Chilkat River in the
Eagle Preserve, so we saw bald eagles. Mom's horse was named "Yokum." Great trip!