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Aug 11, 2011

The Show Notes

Thanks for the incredible support
It’s Musikfest!
A Samba Vegas Conundrum
Star Party Promo
Religious Moron of the Week
- Dalton Cornelius Jones from Mike Lush

     - Citrus County Tea Party Patriots from Mikhal Barkan
Vonnegut Banned… again
Things People Love That Actually Sucks
- Fake Clapping
Show Close


Mentioned in the Show

Atlanta Skeptics Star Party

Philadelphia Funk Authority schedule



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Paul Maki
almost thirteen years ago

My wife, upon hearing a revved engine, will usually say in a loud insincere voice "Oooh, I just came."

When our car windows are down, I sometimes wish she wouldn't...


Toby B.
almost thirteen years ago

I am happy to hear that you dig Adida Sambas. I have a pair that I just love to wear because they go with jeans, they go with dress pants, and you can usually get away with slipping into them after a wedding and before the reception. I get mine from Zappos and I'm thinking of getting another pair now that you've brought up the topic.

Cold Desert
almost thirteen years ago

Just got back from backpacking in Wyoming and had the same Sturgis idiots over the weekend in Dubois, WY. Gah! I can only imagine what a black hole of douchebags Sturgis must be. Then they fan out to every corner of the nation to spread their douchebaggery.

almost thirteen years ago

George, thank you so much for this week's show. Literally and figuratively, you are a rock star. I thought that, surely, you would take the week off.