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Aug 11, 2011

The Show Notes

Thanks for the incredible support
It’s Musikfest!
A Samba Vegas Conundrum
Star Party Promo
Religious Moron of the Week
- Dalton Cornelius Jones from Mike Lush

     - Citrus County Tea Party Patriots from Mikhal Barkan
Vonnegut Banned… again
Things People Love That Actually Sucks
- Fake Clapping
Show Close


Mentioned in the Show

Atlanta Skeptics Star Party

Philadelphia Funk Authority schedule



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Paul Maki
eleven and a half years ago

My wife, upon hearing a revved engine, will usually say in a loud insincere voice "Oooh, I just came."

When our car windows are down, I sometimes wish she wouldn't...


Toby B.
eleven and a half years ago

I am happy to hear that you dig Adida Sambas. I have a pair that I just love to wear because they go with jeans, they go with dress pants, and you can usually get away with slipping into them after a wedding and before the reception. I get mine from Zappos and I'm thinking of getting another pair now that you've brought up the topic.

Cold Desert
eleven and a half years ago

Just got back from backpacking in Wyoming and had the same Sturgis idiots over the weekend in Dubois, WY. Gah! I can only imagine what a black hole of douchebags Sturgis must be. Then they fan out to every corner of the nation to spread their douchebaggery.

eleven and a half years ago

George, thank you so much for this week's show. Literally and figuratively, you are a rock star. I thought that, surely, you would take the week off.