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Aug 19, 2011


The Show Notes

Musikfest Rain
Magazine Shoot Contest
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Thomas Fortenberry from Lee from Topeka
     - Malalane Villagers from Erik Smith
Interesting Fauna

     - African Crested Rat from Derek Colanduno
Go see "Book of Mormon"
Ask George
     - Lyrics? from Marc
     - Nature vs. Nurture from Fernando T.
     - Seeking Fame? from Karen W.
     - Russian Woman? from Kevin
We’re nominated for a Parsec- Thanks!
Vibraphone Shirt Contest
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

What-Magazine-is-Geo-In? Contest
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A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

Skeptical Robot


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Ms. Information sez, "OoooOoooh, a contest!"

almost thirteen years ago

Thanks for Skepteach, elianara, and Greg for the comments and links. No, I never would have sent money. I have stopped corresponding with her (it?).

-Kevin the Match Com Russian e-mail girlfriend guy

almost thirteen years ago

OK, it's been a while, but I'm backed up on podcasts, so just listened and heard about the contest. It's The Economist magazine, Sept 3-9, 2011 in the 3M ad on page 13.

By the way, I am an AP Bio teacher and really appreciate the interesting fauna. I have used a couple of them in the blog I keep for my students. We're starting the year with the evolution unit, so these are GREAT for talking about novel adaptations. I also posted a link to your song Everything Alive Will Die Someday on youtube. Great stuff from Geo for Bio!

almost thirteen years ago

Recent news report - studies in Australia showing that scams through dating sites are on the increase - and result in larger monetary values lost.

almost thirteen years ago

To Kevin about the Russian woman. My first thought when I heard the story was the same as Skepteach's, you are probably talking to a bot. Russian bot dates are more likely on dating sites then actual Russian women looking for a way to the US. Listen to the Radiolab program he suggested, and make our own test. And if it turns out to be a bot, don't feel bad, even professional programmers have been fooled.

Good luck with the dating.

Andre Goguen
almost thirteen years ago

Baldies Quarterly, page 12 ?

almost thirteen years ago

To Kevin in regards to his Russian woman.
His whole story makes me think of an episode that Radiolab did on Talking to Machines ( ). Radiolab rocks, so I would suggest listening to the entire episode. It's been a few months since I listened to this episode, but if I remember correctly, this guy met a great girl through online dating. But he began to get suspicious, I think she . So he'd write emails that would make no sense to a person. And he'd get replies that referenced the gibberish from his email. He was talking to a computer program.

Anne Marie
almost thirteen years ago

Yay, my name!

Anywayyy, I loved when the police showed up to make us leave the PFA concert and I yelled, "Bruce! Get them!" and pointed at our group and he turned and took a photo of everyone. "No, GET them, the marshall's here; we have to go!" THAT is a photographer. (:

almost thirteen years ago

Shane MacGowan is the original singer and songwriter of The Pogues. He also possesses possibly the worst teeth of any living human being and a fondness for drugs and alcohol that rivals Keith Richards.

He co-wrote my favourite Christmas song, Fairytale of New York.

Evil Eye
almost thirteen years ago

Haven't seen it but I'm going to just guess if that's ok. - Sports Illustrated, Page 42.

almost thirteen years ago

Its the NY Arts Magazine page 46. =D I like pie. hihihi

almost thirteen years ago

Oh. 227.

almost thirteen years ago

Ha. I should probably listen to the entire contest before guessing.

almost thirteen years ago

I'll guess Men's Health. That's a magazine right?

Jim Sampson
almost thirteen years ago

Page 6