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Oct 28, 2011

The Show Notes

Rush movie
Story Collider
John Wayne IS Right
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Rev. Victor Rosa from Erik Smith
     - English AIDS-cure Evangelicals from Matthew Brown
Ghost Hunting Tours
Henrique Couto: Thrills Can Kill
The New George HrApp 2.0
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Mentioned in the Show

Geo on Story Collider
In which he is given a behind-the-scenes tour
of the British Natural History Museum.

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and help support stories about science.

Henrique Couto's Don't Listen in the Dark
"A collection of scary stories to listen to
in the dark to get in the spooky mood!"

A Gneiss Night Out
The IceHouse Geologic Concert


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Ms. Information sez "Henrique rocks!"

eleven and a half years ago

What irritates me more than the audience shots in filmed concerts is when they cut to an interview in the middle of the performance (usually when someone takes an instrumental solo because who really wants to hear that!). Usually the music continues in the background behind the person talking but is so soft as to be almost not heard. At least in the audience shots you still hear the music. This doesn't happen as often as the audience shots but I have seen it more often than you would imagine.
Ah, nothing like a rant to make you feel better.

eleven and a half years ago

Watching people air guitar/drum/etc during a concert is right up there with watching audience members laugh during a stand up routine. Waste.

George Hrab
eleven and a half years ago

You're right TC. That's much funnier.


eleven and a half years ago

You're confusing schizophrenia with multiple or dissociative personality disorder, some people might take issue with that. Instead of "I used to be schizophrenic, now he's not" it's more like "I used to be schizophrenic, now the voices are telling me I'm not".

eleven and a half years ago

Regarding the first religious moron's story (the one who cashed ten years of a dead woman's pension checks), there's another remark that bears making. Yes, Reverend Rosa is a moron, but...

In total, he embezzled about $250,000 over a ten year period, or $25,000.00 per year. The woman was a teacher! For all of her service, and all of the young minds she filled with important ... *stuff*, that's kind of a paltry sum.

We need to treat our teachers better. We really do. Look below the religious moronity and there's a much greater issue at hand.