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Nov 10, 2011

The Show Notes

Fear of failure
You’re Welcome
Ask George  
     - Poetry Book? from Thomas H.
Geo’s Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics
     - 30 Something from Kingdom Come
Interesting Fauna
     - Xenophyophores from Andrew Gould
Minoishe Interroberg’s To Make With the Good English
     - “Despite” vs. “In spite of” from Chip Cherry
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Rev. Robert Schuller from Bruce Press
     - Shorter University from Steve Primatic
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twelve and a half years ago

Why does the Minoishe Interroberg use a slang term for the perineum?

twelve and a half years ago

I'm an Australian who is married to an American, we travel to the States every couple of years to visit relatives, and "You're welcome" is one of the things I seriously look forward to, I totally share your enthusiasm. In Australia we grow up learning to say it but very few adults do, we tend to either say nothing or use one of the responses that belittle the thanks, like "No problem", and we are the worse for it.

twelve and a half years ago

Regarding fear of failure, Merlin Mann talks about this a good deal in his (relatively) new podcast "Back to Work" - In particular episode 4 "Failing with Style" deals with this kind of thing:

twelve and a half years ago

as the last words of the Outro are "Thank you, thank you", in response, i say "You're welcome, you're welcome".

twelve and a half years ago

loved your skeptically modernized version of that joke! :-)

I originally heard it with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

twelve and a half years ago

Regarding the fear of failure thing... all I can say is yes, yes, I am totally like that too. I psyche myself out about the smallest things and it is true that when I (finally) do whatever thing that it isn't as bad as I imagined. Haven't gotten to the point where I can overcome the visceral fear/discomfort with that knowledge, but I'm working on it. Ugh, and asking for favours are the absolutely the worst! Just thinking about it makes my stomach flip a little. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Now to pump myself up so that I can order some take-out sushi over the phone :)

Benjamen Johnson
twelve and a half years ago

Thomas M. sit down with your brother and watch Simpsons epidose 5F22 Bart, the Mother. Right away Marge is fooled by "Who's Who Among American Elementary School Students."

See if your brother can put two and two together.

twelve and a half years ago


Tell your brother about Duotrope. It's a legitimate service that lists a whole bunch of actual publishing houses--poetry and prose--and helps you track submissions. Just Google it and you'll find it.

I feel your pain, as I was both the poet and the skeptic in a similar situation about 15 years ago. The good news is I didn't buy the damn book and I eventually got published.