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Dec 8, 2011

The Show Notes

How do you deal with crazy?
The Muppets
Time Out!
Thanks for the Sex at Dawn recommendation
Ask George 
     - Working for Woo? from A New Skeptic
     - Backing Band? from Dave
     - Building a studio? from Jordan
     - Guitar pain? from Stann
     - Filler tracks? from Brian Hoffman
     - Playing on stage? from Jaden Walker
     - Poppy burning? from Stewart Beresford
     - She has a boyfriend? from Jamie
Roman’s Birthday
Congrats to Carrie P!
Show close


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Ms. Info sez, "Mno haya lita, Mondzio!"

twelve and a half years ago

I enjoyed especially the first part of your show, in many ways. Especially since my days do not include a sunrise or a sunset. That is normal this time of the year "beyond" the polar circle.

Most people never experience it and might therefore find the idea crazy. A crazy person might still apply logic, but to a different set of premises acquided from a different set of experiences. Is he/she worth talking to ?

jaranath is right
twelve and a half years ago

You already made a lot of money by making your last album about a "crazy person" why not keep making fun of your muses and call them mental sick. I listen to your old podcasts and I would call some of them crazy.

twelve and a half years ago

Thanks to Geo and Donna for the nod to P 2.0 on the podcast.What a delightful surprise! James was laughing pretty hard at it.

Thanks also to Tavoman and jaranth. I'm always looking for unsolicited advice, but must of course pass it through my skeptical filter.

Zach Schwing
twelve and a half years ago

So comments on crazy pretty much characterizes a two year relationship I was in... Note: I was NOT the crazy person.


twelve and a half years ago

Am I the only one who thinks that the whole concept of "Stealing someone's girlfriend" is antiquated and odd. A girlfriend, or wife for that matter, is not property that can be stolen.

If a woman or man chooses to be with you, or someone else, THEY CHOSE! It is their decision. Unless kidnapping or drugging is involved, it isn't stealing.

Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to limit the amount of hurt or suffering you create in the world by encouraging a potential paramour to be open and honest in a their relationships, but how they manage their relationships is their business. You can choose to not be involved with them, if you don't like it. Your choice.

Maybe if the other person in the triangle is a friend and you have an existing relationship with them, you might have to back off. Otherwise, you don't have an obligation to this person's boyfriend.

Does that make any sense or am I alone in this?

(George, one thing you didn't consider is the less (more?) complicated implication. She mentioned the boyfriend to enter into an open poly-amorous relationship or she's looking for a threesome.)

twelve and a half years ago

Perhaps Crazy Person has given you another song?

And yes, gratz Carrie!

twelve and a half years ago

Feliz Cumpleaños Roman! and Congratulations to Carrie, very happy news