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Jan 26, 2012

The Show Notes

On Language (again)
Quiet Shouting
Religious Hero of the Week
     - Jessica Ahlquist
Letter from Tricia & Chris
L'esprit d'escalier correction
Interesting Fauna
     - Paedophryne amauensis from Jay Parlar
Ms.Info says: “Thanks, Chicago Skeptics!”
S’more 21812 hotel info
Go to Mad Art Lab on Tuesday. Go!
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Ms. Info sez, "Hurray for Surly-Ramics! And holla, Chicago Skeptics!"

twelve and a half years ago

Just a crazy, How to pronounce shit video.
Thought you'd like it.

Peter Sosna
twelve and a half years ago

So glad you mentioned Jessica Ahlquist! I got to meet and hang out,(and do magic), for her at the Freedom From Religion foundation convention a few months ago. I went there partially because I knew she was going to be there and after hearing a couple of interviews with her I wanted to speak with her. Wait till you meet this kid, which I'm sure you will get a chance to do. She has more poise and is far more articulate than most adults. This kid is going places fast, in fact she will be speaking at the Reason Rally in Washington in March.

twelve and a half years ago

I am studying Arabic at the Defense Language Institute. Arabic is a category 4 language (there are a total of 4 categories with 4 being the most difficult). Ukrainian is a category 3, French & Spanish are in category 1. So it makes sense why you would have found Ukrainian to be very difficult but found Spanish & French to be a breeze. I have the same dilemma, having studied Spanish in high school and college, and not having any problems - but struggling immensely with Arabic.

twelve and a half years ago

Love the show. The squeaker at the end made my dog go nuts!!