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Feb 16, 2012

The Show Notes

ST:TNG on Blu Ray
How many ANDs in Moby Dick
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Sacred Heart Teacher in Wisconsin from Rick Tetrault
     - Shadrack McGill from Chris
l’Esprit once again… (thanks to J im Dempsey)
21812 dining PDF
See you at the show!
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Mentioned in the Show

The Odds Must Be Crazy

On the concert site at the end of the post on Dining:
there is a downloadble PDF of a select group
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We recommend reservations
at the following three restaurants:


Apollo Grill

Tapas on Main


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Ms. Info sez, "21812 is mere moments away... "

over twelve years ago

My favourite coincidence caused by Phil Plait was the time my best friend and I needed a name for an incidental character in a short story. She picked a book from the shelf, opened it at random and pointed to the word "Tulip". We laughed, she grabbed another book from a different shelf, opened it at random and again pointed to "Tulip". That was obviously a sign from Phil, and so Captain Tuelippe was placed in charge of the operation.

over twelve years ago

Regarding the teacher in Wisconsin as the religious moron of the week, I'm not disagreeing that the teacher(s) deserve the title of "moron". Sadly, though, I didn't hear anything in this story that leads me to think that secular educators would treat this girl any differently when she spoke with her native language.

over twelve years ago

I checked the Moby Dick count -- I wrote a small program which would count how many times each word appeared (counting a word and its possessive as the same). I got 6416 for "and" -- the third most common word in the text.

All in all, I got 18280 distinct words. 8618 of those were used only once each. "Ishmael" appears 20 times, "Ahab" 512 (once as a plural), "Queequeg" 252 times, and "Moby-Dick" or "Moby Dick" 84 times.

Here are the words which appeared more than 1000 times:

Word Count
==== =====
the 14429
of 6586
and 6416
a 4712
to 4597
in 4164
that 3084
his 2530
it 2519
I 1993
he 1875
but 1818
as 1741
is 1723
with 1722
was 1644
for 1617
all 1509
this 1394
at 1318
by 1201
not 1149
whale 1097
from 1088
him 1067
so 1062
on 1060
be 1042

over twelve years ago

What a coincidence... right when you mentioned sacrificing animals to Phil Plait, I walked into a cafeteria and the chef was filling plates with sacrificed animals!!!

have a great show this weekend! I wish I could make it...

@ earfdae