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Apr 12, 2012

The Show Notes

Hit-and-run in Bethlehem
PFA playing to 3 people
History Chunk
     - April 12th
Weekend full of cool gigs
Ask George
     - Sister’s faith?
Previous Episode follow-up
     - Ruth/NOM vs. Starbucks
     - Canadian’s Prayer
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Patriarch Kirill I from Milton Mermikides
     - Klimeck from Shane Kroll
     - Anti-Moustache Muslims from Matthew Trzcinski
Scott Haskitt’s AWESOME mash-up
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Hit-and-run video

Hit-and-run announcement

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Friday – PFA at the Wagon Wheel
Saturday – Doug Hawk Proposition at the Ship Inn
Sunday – PFA at Sands Casino

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Ms. Info sez: "Scott- that mash-up is genius! And thanks for including me!"


over twelve years ago

Following is badly written rant by a watch fanboy:

I think you once gave some watch releated anwser on Ask George. Now you say that you don't even know who Abraham-Louis Breguet was. Even if haute horlogerie doesn't intrest you at all Breguet overcoil is quite common in watches and of course there is the pure watch porn of the tourbillon. And the Breguet Réveil du Tsar isn't a bling watch it's a automatic with a GTM, power reserve, date and alarm nice but not exatly bling nor even that high end.

Kiitos ja näkemiin.

over twelve years ago

You made an interesting comment about the Pakistani man with the mustache and the religious morons who want him to trim it., that was enough to make me want to do a bit more research into it all. The comment surrounded the possibility that Muhammad never really existed.

I found this interesting because, although I have not studied Islam very closely, I was always under the impression that the man who founded the religion was, in fact, a single person named Muhammad. (Obviously he didn't talk to god, but at least there was more evidence for the existence of him as a real person than, say, Jesus.)

So I did a little bit of research into the question. It didn't take much to find some references for people who doubt that Muhammad actually existed. Thanks for the impetus to do that research.