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Apr 26, 2012

The Show Notes

Ordering Pizza
A clambake hotbox
NECSS and Scopes Monkey Choir
Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards

     - A.J. Foyt
Mortimer calls in once more againishly
Geologic Podcast Facebook?
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Brian Spillane from Richard Lane
     - Capital One from Marc with a C
     - Anti-Invitro School from HidariMak
Chimpanzee, The Movie
Interesting Fauna

     - Insulamon Palawanense: The Purple Crab

     - Kangaroos are thrice vaginated
Show close


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Scopes Monkey Choir

Insulamon Palawanense


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eleven and a half years ago

hmmmmmmmm "Frisbee of Death" sounds like a *delicious* pizza. I exclusively order pizza online - then only the delivery man can judge me.

eleven and a half years ago

You already have a George Hrab Facebook page it's been there for YEARS

eleven and a half years ago

Regarding the Capital One religious moron, it may be far more pervasive than just the simple denial of an atheist-themed personalized credit card, and the excuse of Cap One about the dictates of MasterCard and Visa might have more truth to it than was let on in the story.

There are some waves being made within the erotica and pornography communities, where MasterCard has become increasingly unwilling to accept charges to some "adult" websites because of a skewed sense of what is "right" or "wrong," although this is clearly motivated by religious conservatives and not what is legal or otherwise acceptable. (For example, the website announced about a year ago that MasterCard was no longer processing payments for their goods...)

eleven and a half years ago

yup, i'm in for the Geologic Podcast FB page.

it allows fans to post pics, links etc. into the Podcast FB page instead of your personal FB page.

eleven and a half years ago

Best indestructible bastard ever!