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May 31, 2012

Geo performs at Balticon 46.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Press.


The Show Notes

Hosting the writer's panel
Captivating True Stories from the Adventures
of The Philadelphia Funk Authority
     - Bob Goulet
Throwing a baby
What is your favorite food?
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Sacred Heart Academy & Bishop Cistone from Bruce Press
Young kid finds error in museum
Apologizing to Cindy
Obongo? Really?
Ask George
     - Track order?
     - First book/album you bought?
     - Why is there something?
     - Weird comments?
     - Collective noun?
     - Soup?
     - Hungover?
     - Non-musical skill?
Show close


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Ms. Info sez: "A big shout-out and thanks to Paul Fischer for scheduling the Maestro and to Rob Stauffer for recording the cast."


almost twelve years ago

serious guitarface working there, pal

Greg B
almost twelve years ago

As you well know, the collective noun for microphones should obviously be:

A Slau of Microphones

Birthday Wishes
almost twelve years ago

Happy birthday, George.

Funny link in the news about not THE Ukraine:

Question: in photos of your apartment, there's blue frames around what appears to be your windows and some of the doors, with what seems to be Japanese or Chinese writing on them. What are they and what led you to do that?

Secondly: in the light of all the internet hatred and misunderstandings and divisions in skepticism, do you think you would ever have an internet fight that you would never forgive someone for? What if they were genuinely sorry, could they never amend?

Have a good TAM.

Rob Stauffer
almost twelve years ago

Glad the show recorded fine. Wish I could of stayed to listen live. LM loved meeting you.

almost twelve years ago

cool show George!
miss the swearing -- although not missing it in the way in that email from some guy some weeks/months ago...

captcha says "Pongo ithdBo"
perhaps more fitting than President Obonggo.

almost twelve years ago

Maybe Bishop Cistone banned Dominic because he was afraid of the competition? :-P