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Jun 8, 2012

Show Notes

Thanks again for the razors.
Another birthday album

     - Pigs on the Wing (Part One)
     - Dogs
     - Pigs (Three Different Ones)
     - Sheep
     - Pigs on the Wing (Part Two)

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Ms. Info sez: "Happy birthday, Maestro!

Greg Dorais
over eleven years ago

Finally got the chance to listen to this episode.

Bravo sir! Nicely done. "Animals" is also one of my fav Pink floyd albums. Found it impossible *not* to sing along in the car while listening to your rendition.

While listening to "Dogs", I had an image pop into my head of Ms. Info or Kiera walking into your studio to see you barking and howling into a microphone. :)

over eleven years ago

You took me back - I used to come home for lunch from High School just to listen to this album. I knew every nuance - and evidently you did too! EXCELLENT job - especially in 2 days!!! Holy friggin' crap...

over eleven years ago

Thanks so much for this, Geo, it was totally stunningly good.

How lucky are we, your minions, that you consider it a treat for yourself to produce such brilliant recordings and then give them to us.

Happy Birthday, and vibes! You rock!

Claudio Ibarra
over eleven years ago

Very well done. We listened to it on the drive home, and the phrase "best Pink Floyd cover" was thrown around more than a few times. Damn fine work.

over eleven years ago

Between Animals, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and the Wall, I'm not sure how anyone can pick a single favorite Pink Floyd album (but I'm glad no one has to).

Thanks for this cover! It's a very Hobbit thing to do, to give us this present on your birthday.

over eleven years ago

Nicely done! Happy and Shiny Birthday!

over eleven years ago

Excellent work and damn good taste, if I may say so. I discovered Pink Floyd Animals while I was serving a Mormon mission in Korea way back in the day. I was losing my faith at the time and turned to music to keep me sane. Hearing this podcast certainly brought back some interesting memories. Funny how music can trigger the exact emotions one felt at times in the past.

Lucretia Borgia
over eleven years ago

Wow. This is my favourite Floyd album too. MUCH respect George for really doing it justice; I can hear how much you love it. Really well done. Appreciate it.

over eleven years ago


Fucking hell, that's amazing. (Happy birthday to me!)

Thank you, and have a wonderful birthday.