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Jul 5, 2012

The Show Notes

Happy 4th!
The Taping
Horror Scopes
Why Not Try
Dr. Damian Handzy’s: Facts That’ll Fuck Y’Up
- Higgs Boson
Topsy Turvy
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - White Pastors Conference from Noisy Astronomer
     - Gay Exorciser from Terry Williams
     - Straight Exorciser from David Dennis
Busy busy busy…
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Emma's Letter
"I'm outta here, suckers."


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almost twelve years ago

Hi Geo, when you were talking about how people's desires and motivations haven't changed over the centuries I was reminded of how archeologists excavated a camp that had been occupied by pyramid construction workers in ancient Egypt. They left behind lots of clay tables and artifacts that created a striking picture of how similar these people were to us now. The technology and the societal structures and governments might have changed but our base desires and needs and motivations have not changed a bit for many thousands of years.

almost twelve years ago

every time i hear Geo, or anyone for that matter, mention the year "1885", my mind now thinks of Back to the Future 3. i can no longer un-hear it :(

almost twelve years ago

That outro is my favorite song of yours yet. Fuckin beautiful man

Keith Bowden
almost twelve years ago

No no no! Han didn't shoot "first", Greedo didn't get a shot off at all! :)

david zweifler
almost twelve years ago

Cool beans on the pilot. Send an update when we can see it.