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Oct 4, 2012

The Show Notes

Unnecessary drama
No Swastikas
History Chunk
     - October 3rd
- Cabin in the Woods
- Looper

     - Safety Not Guaranteed

     - The Master
Ask George 
     - Paying PFA? from Jay P.
     - The Sound of the Life of the Mind? from Logan Ayliffe
     - Playing fast? from Eddy in the UK
     - Podcast production? from Leo Saumure
Thanks, PA Atheists
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eleven and a half years ago

The opening to Waiting for Guffman had that kind of opening ('Oh! I didn't notice you there!') in their theatrical play within the movie. I think they went for just about every cliche in amateur theater they could come up with.

eleven and a half years ago

Just a comment on David H's view about the symbol out of context. I think it was Biafra's intention that it be used this way. The original 7" single included an armband with the symbol on it. You can hear his frustration with the morons in the audience giving the Nazi salute, on Live at The Deaf Club.

eleven and a half years ago

I want to buy the song from Ayliffe, but so far have not found it on iTunes or via Google. Anyone can give me a pointer? thanks

eleven and a half years ago

I came here to say what David H said. I've been kind of a punk off and on my whole life and I've seen a few variations on the "no Nazis" thing. It comes from the DKs song, and from the phenomenon that song was reacting to, namely the unfortunate existence of a subculture of skinhead punks that normal, anarchistic egalitarian punks don't like very much at all.

David H
eleven and a half years ago

I'm only half way through but thought I'd fill in where the 'crossed out swastika' comes from - it's from a Dead Kennedys single 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off', which was about what you'd imagine. It's a bit strange to take it out of context and put it on your car, though.