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Nov 1, 2012


The Show Notes

Sandy Storm
Thanks for CSICon
History Chunk
     - October 31st
Clamping the magician at MKA
Ask George 
     - Time left? from David Spencer
     - Liking music? from Chris Rowe
     - Interviews and Ms.Info? from Kelsey
Skepticon November 9th-11rd
Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     - Margaret Wegner
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Mentioned in the show

Skepticon 9-11
Springfield Missouri

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Ms. Info sez, "Hurricane Donna forged a path of destruction in the same year I was born. She reached Category 5 status and became one of the top ten worst hurricanes. The name was retired after that."

almost twelve years ago

Re: Time Left?

Did you ever read Dan Dennet's proposition/essay on the subject?

almost twelve years ago

Had you truly been an asshole, Geo, you'd have Bentsened the magician. "I know James Randi. James Randi is a friend of mine. You, sir, are no James Randi."

Enjoy Springfield! (fun fact: I was born there!)

almost twelve years ago

during the whole 'you're not getting (my watch) magician bit', i was wondering if you would have answered his question (did Doug do that already), with "no, i hang out with the Amazing James Randi from time to time".

almost twelve years ago

I was thinking exactly the same thing about Ms Info being a larger part of the show right before the Ask George question.

The only possible explanation is that the great Flying Spaghetti Monster implanted this thought in me as an engram. What else could it be?

almost twelve years ago

I think one of the many components of "enjoyment" is biochemical. We evolved to identify patterns and make predictions. We are always making predictions about things, and when we get it right we "reward" ourselves (with dopamine?). The more we listen to a particular song, the better we are at making predictions about "what's next", so there's a dopamine release (enjoyment) as a result.

Certainly there's more at play, but it probably plays a nontrivial role, and could have something to do with the "Top 40" pop effect.