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Jan 25, 2013

The Show Notes

Hobbit high-frame rate
More movies…Lincoln, Django, Dredd
The History Chunk
     -January 24th
Welcome Eve Jillian Kenlin!
Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     -Valery Malkov
Ask George … all from Alex Arakelia
     - Listening to music?
     - Listening to your own music?
     - Listening to contemporary bands?
     - Listening to artificial drums?
     - Listening to musician music?
NECSS potential coolness
PFA this Saturday
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Rowan Lewis
almost eleven years ago

I've often found that good heavy metal will sound awful the first time you listen to it, and only on subsequent listens do you hear what is actually going on. Something comes out of the chaos of the music, and you begin to understand it.

I hypothesise that this is why so many people dislike it, or charactersise it as immature noise.

So, George, have you ever listened to black metal?

If you get time, have a listen. I'd like to know what you think :)

almost eleven years ago

Re: musician's music. In modern art music, I suspect, there are types of music that are written mainly in order to impress other professional musicians. No matter how much I try I can't hear anything interesting in Leif Segerstam's symphonies, for example, no matter the critical acclaim he receives.


A suggestion from listener on syndication
almost eleven years ago

Just a heads up -- you got the following offer on Twitter if you were interested in
"being syndicated on Adam Curry's No Agenda Stream?"

Adam Curry is an anti-vaccination & conspiracy supporter. I urge you to rethink taking up their offer.

Some links:

a review on iTunes
Caters to the lowest common denominator
by neoabraxas
This show is the podcast equivalent of the National Enquirer. The hosts are entertaining (in a Jerry Springer sort of way) but the amount of conspiracy theory thrown around is beyond ridiculous. Adam Curry in particular has never heard a crackpot idea he didn't like. As for John C. Dvorak? Well, I think this show is beneath him. He seems to go along with Curry's opinions and as a result he comes across much worse than in his other podcasts. This show is driven almost entirely by Curry and his crazy ideas. John acts pretty much as the echo chamber in this duo and rarely offers any dissenting view. Normally I would not consider giving a negative review to a show that is free of charge. The reason I'm making an exeption here is that this pair is promoting the anti-vaccination agenda among their many supersitions. Unfortunately, the more listeners subscribe to this podcast the more people are likely to get hurt (or worse, hurt their kids) by fearing vaccinations. If you do decide to subscribe to this show do not take any of it very seriously and PLEASE do not send those fools any of your hard earned money. Both are millionaires and will manage just fine without your hard earned dollars (contrary to what they keep telling you on the show).

almost eleven years ago

JHGRedekop: Hi, I doubt our small town (but digital) theatre had the 48fps copy, and we also watched it in 2D, so it was strange for me to notice some of the weird movements at certain points in the film. I can only imagine what it was truly like at 48 fps, though I have downloaded comparison shots on my PC and... eeeeerrrreeeccchhhhh.

Also, Sorry George, but I think your description of motion blur was a bit backwards as well. I believe you said something about it happening "between" the frames, but if I'm not mistaken it's more like what happens "during" the frame. The amount of movement while the "shutter" is open.


Anyways, I can't believe I'm saying that I liked Dredd as well. Interesting note about the slo-mo segments, the stretched audio sound .. uh... sounded exactly like the kind of effect you get from the old freeware program "paulstretch" that hit the blog-o-net a couple of years ago. It uses some kind of fancy wavelet math or something to stretch out any audio you throw at it from 2x the length to making it a 1000 years long. It tends to end up as a beautiful kind of ethereal slurred version of the song. I seriously wonder if it's what they used for those segments in the movie. Do a search and play around with it, it can be quite fun.

For example, here's the Back to the Future theme 8x slower:

almost eleven years ago

Interesting that you had so much trouble with the "undercrank effect" with the Hobbit. Several people have experienced it (myself included), but everyone I've talked to/read of who had the problem, adjusted to it pretty quickly. I noticed it with Ian Holm and the the "old Bilbo" intro, but by the time Elijah Wood headed out from Bag End, I'd completely adjusted to it, and it never bugged me again.

Maybe it's because I play video games which often run at high frame rates without motion blur, so I'm more used to that kind of effect.

BTW, movie theatre projectors do not alternate frames for 3D quite the way you described. They don't show 12 left images and 12 right, interleaved for a total of 24 -- they actually flip back and forth 144 times per second (at least, the ones using RealD 3D, like the Hobbit). You still get 24 frames of left and 24 frames of right.

I'm curious as to what the 24 FPS versions of the Hobbit looked like, because I wouldn't think they'd have the motion blur either -- they'd just be every other frame from the 48 FPS version. Would they still look undercranked?