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Mar 7, 2013

The Show Notes

Captivating True Stories from The Adventures of The PFA

     - Kids may be rude but…
Minoishe Interroberg’s to Make with the Good English
     - discreet / discrete
Mixing 21812
- 50 Stories
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

     - One Million Moms from Marc Alberts

     - Family Christian Center from Eric B.

     - Cardinal Keith O’Brien from me
Calgary?! Yes, Calgary.
SGU 399
Mar.29th tickets still available
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Bastard Sheep
eleven and a half years ago


In regards to the introductory piece about kids being rude, I have a slightly different take on the topic. My take very much depends though on whether I understood what you were talking about properly, so if I didn't I may be on completely the wrong track.

I'm on the cusp of generations X and Y, so always find it interesting when I notice myself quite strongly having traits of both. What I've tended to notice with pureblood (he says in jest) Gen Y's isn't so much that they're lacking in manners, and courtesy, but moreso something elder generations mistakingly consider to also be part of manners and courtesy - respect.

With older generations, respect is something given automatically to elders, politicians, military officers, police etc. With gen Y, there is no automatic respect - instead respect is something that has to be earned.

In many situations when coming across new people, they are simply arespectful while waiting for the person place or thing to earn it. Many in the older generations mistake this for disrespect, and a lack of manners and courtesy as to them automatic unreserved respect is part of those things. To Gen Y though, it isn't.

This respect doesn't need to be earned in person in every situation though, it can also be earned through other forms of media (magazines, TV, books, online etc) and non-direct interaction.

So, it is quite possible for people to be given that respect straight up, but they need to reach out to Gen Y first and put something out there themselves that would earn that initial respect.

Richard Brorsson
eleven and a half years ago

Hi! Great episode. Love from Sweden. I listen every week, and wait for the next with great constipation.

I spotted a funny "blooper" during Moishe's talk. For being so well versed in English, it's a bit embarrassing for him that he lacks any grasp of yiddish/hebrew. If he did, he would know that the englishified "goyim" is only used about people, in plural. As in: "They are goyim". "im" is a plural form, originally in hebrew but also in yiddish. "ot" is the feminine ending of a feminine word, like "kippa" (or yarmulke in yiddish). Kippa (feminine word) is kippot in plural, and navi ("profet", masculine word) is nevi'im in plural.

It's common in American english to say "goyim" about something that should only be called "goy", as in "that's a goy cheeseburger you have there", but no jew who really knows hebrew or yiddish would say it. Goyish is also accaptable as "ish" is a common form in yiddish. But then it should really be "goyisher", as in "O'bama is such a goyisher president."

Thank you!