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Mar 10, 2013

The Show Notes

The Geologic Fancast 6: The Intervention...
Where we intervene to give George advice that is either inappropriate,
inapplicable, or just plain wrong.


Liz Winfrey Ventura

Peter Sosna

Marvin Long

Carrie P

Richard Saunders

Mr. Hedgehog, (He wouldn't leave his name for some reason)

Todd Dietrich
And special guest star, Dimitri Diatchenko

Dmitri at IMDB

Dmitri at wiki

Dmitri's site

Here's a clip from his latest movie Company Of Heroes

Editing and production by Liz Winfrey Ventura

Sound effects, guitar bumpers, and original song by Peter Sosna

If you'd like to be involved in the making of the next Geologic Fancast, please go to

Peter Sosna
over eleven years ago

Hey George, I hope you enjoyed our little endeavor. I wanted it to be both funny and scary for you; were you creeped out?

If you were wondering how I know Dimitri Diachelko, when he was a kid his dad used to take him to see my show in Harvard Square. You should check out his guitar playing, he's world class!

This was quite a fun endeavor for me. I got to work with Liz, who is just a lovely person and I got to learn all sorts of new things. I never knew, for instance, that you didn't like hedgehogs. Who knew?!

Can't wait to hear your next tambourine solo! Toodles!