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May 30, 2013

The Show Notes

Door to the parking garage
Guitar advice addendum
Interesting Fauna
     - Pernis ptilorhynchus, The Crested Honey Buzzard
Things People Love That Actually Suck

     - Giving 100 Percent
Religious Morons of the Week

     - Fans of As I Lay Dying on Twitter from Matthew Harris
Ask George

     - Zappa? from Michael S.
Geologists & Geographers
     - Swag is on the way…
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almost eleven years ago

I'm don't agree with the "giving 100%", at least for the reasons you give. While we might agree that the phrase has become trite and cliche, I see it linguistically, syntacticly, and stylistically equivalent to phrases like "give it your all" or "do your best".

All three are admonitions to put as much effort as possible into a given task and not do it begrudgingly or (heh) half-heartedly.

Yes, as a phrase it has long since become cliche (which is arguably the origin of "give 110%") but that doesn't alter the underlying intent or sentiment of the phrase, especially for the young and/or unmotivated.

almost eleven years ago

I've said it before but you begin almost every episode with 'so'! It makes me laugh every time now. Love the show