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Sep 7, 2013

The Show Notes

Weezer tribute & enough with the slacker ’tude
Angry-insane-vehement-rapper on the phone?
Interesting Fauna
     - Mormyridae or Elephantfish
Cupcakes need better cake than icing. Icing is easy.
Religious Moron of the Week

     - Pastor Makeda Pennycooke from Dave Dennis

     - Maldivian Police from Jacquelyn Ellard

     - Mohamed Ali at Jafariya News from Greg Perinne
Things People Love That Actually Suck

     - The Rock & Roll Ludicrously Held Final Chord
PFA in Bensalem at the TD Bank Amphitheater Sept. 11th  7PM
PA State Atheist/Humanist conference Sept. 13-15
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Mentioned in the Show

2013 PA State Atheist/Humanist conference
Sept. 13-15

Philadelphia Funk Authority


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Ms. Info sez: "I saw Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at the Highline in Manhattan and they were ok but it was one volcano after another. Boring. On the other hand, their opening act, The Budos Band, was worth the price of admission. They killed."

Mark S.
almost eleven years ago

I saw Weezer play at the MN state fair a couple of years ago, and they take the slacker thing to an extreme. The show started (purposely) late and started with Rivers Cuomo kicking a soccer ball around stage for like 5 minutes. I think that the idea was that the audience would start yelling and then he would take the mic, but this is MN so that didn't happen... he kicked his ball around for a bit and then got bored and slowly walked to the mic and gave a heavy sigh and then they started playing. The slacker thing was annoying and the opening act (Motion City Soundtrack) upstaged Weezer... so it sounds like that tribute act nailed it!

David P.
almost eleven years ago

I also lament the fall of cupcakes. I remember when the frosting was just a thin layer on top of the CAKE, but lately people have been piling huge cones of frosting on top of the cupcake, and the cake is just a platform for a huge glob of frosting. No, just no.