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Oct 4, 2013

The Show Notes

Metallica: Through the Never
Cheaters never perspire
Religious Moron of the Week

     - Clerics of the Darul Uloom from Rick Sheppe

     - Self-burying Maxi Castro from Greg Perrine

     - Female drive-banning Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Luhaydan
Geo on The Skeptic Zone
Condolences to Richard Saunders
The History Chunk

     - October 4th
King Crimson set to Go! mode
Ask George

     - Re-arrangements? from Brandon in FL

     - Social comfort at Cons? from Gary in ATL
If you are a geologist and haven't gotten mail- LET ME KNOW.
Three public PFA gigs this weekend
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Richard Saunders interviews Geo on The Skeptic Zone

Philadlephia Funk Authority's upcoming gigs


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Ms. Info says: "Heartfelt condolences to our dear friend, Richard Saunders. If you understand the loss of a furry companion, please do go to his facebook page and give him a virtual hug."

Ed Babinski
almost ten years ago

SAW the word, "geo-logic" used in a new intellectual biography of Saint Augustine. Thought of you:

J. D. Mack
over ten years ago

If you have not seen it yet, may I recommend "The Concert for George" (the George Harrison tribute show) as an example of how to do a concert DVD right? The director's guiding principle for how this was shot was to try and show at least two musicians in every shot. There are very few closeups on just faces or hands. Good samples can be found on YouTube.